Since we were kids, we all jumped out of bed after watching or listening to the popular AMUL song “AMUL DOODH PEETA HAI INDIA” and the popular product tagline “UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS-AMUL” on TV. These have made our childhood memorable and converted its brand into a household name. 

Amul is a Gujarat-based cooperative society set up in 1946 to serve as a direct link between dairy farmers and consumers to provide quality milk products to generations. It provides a variety of dairy services throughout India while also providing employment. Amul Cooperative Society is one of the country’s largest milk producers and distributors (1). It has used certain techniques and strategies that have helped it grow and succeed. The following section will discuss and help learn some of Amul’s marketing strategies to serve its customers.

Amul’s Business Model and Target Audience:

Amul operates on a three-tiered business model federated at the village, district, and state levels. It provides cost-effectiveness and ensures that farmers will maintain their interests. It had a significant impact on the Indian economy and made substantial changes through the White Revolution. 

Amul has a broader target audience, from a toddler to aged people. It caters to the widest range of products, like Amul milk, buttermilk, lassi, butter, cheese, milk powder, etc., for every social group and member of society by keeping their best interests in mind to meet their needs at an affordable price.

Let’s take a step ahead and learn the marketing techniques Amul uses!

Amul’s Marketing Strategies:

Over many years, Amul has proved to be a household name in every aspect: price, quality, social work, etc. Here are some marketing techniques that helped it sustain itself throughout:

Branding strategy 

Branding is vital for advertising a product and familiarising it with consumers. We are all aware of the well-known phrase “Amul-Taste of India,” which has become a global standard. Amul’s mascot, a girl with blue hair and a polka-dot dress, is a popular company icon. It markets all its products under one name.

Market Research: 

Market research and marketing play a pivotal role in sustaining and growing any business. This technique or tool is essential for overall growth and expansion. Moreover, it helps to identify customer needs and wants so that a product or service can be made or modified accordingly. Amul has used this tool with utmost excellence, and it has successfully expanded its reach throughout the country and abroad.

A Product Diversification Policy 

In the initial years, Amul was only known for milk, but over some time, Amul expanded its product reach and diversified its products to customers’ needs and wants. It has introduced products for different age groups.

  • For toddlers and children, Amul introduced products like milk powder, butter, flavoured milk, etc.
  • For the age group 10-20, it introduced bread spreads like pizza cheese, cheese spread, chocolates, etc.
  • For people 20 and above, it introduced all products related to dairy like Amul Dahi, lassi, buttermilk, and many more.

This diversification helped Amul gain trust and build regular customers over some time.

Low-Cost Pricing Policy  

Another strategy they used, and continue to use, is to keep products affordable to all economic groups in society. These products reached a wider market and significantly impacted users, benefitting Amul’s growth.

Product Quality 

Amul has always believed in value for money quality with the affordability concept, by which it has created products of good quality. Quality products build trust in consumers and make them regular and valuable customers of an enterprise. Amul has gained immense love and valuable customers by providing quality products.

Networking Strategy  

Networking is another important aspect of marketing strategies. A product cannot be made and reach the targeted audience without the correct network. Amul has created a vast network that provides a strong base for the company and is beneficial. Amul’s network includes contacting dairy farmers for their supply and setting up Amul’s stores in every district, efficiently catering to the consumers’ needs.

Advertising Strategy 

Advertising is essential to reach the target audience. Before, TV was the only source of entertainment. But now, Amul has cut down on its TV ads and continues to advertise online. The Amul Girl was a hit during the early stages of its growth and is still the face of the company. Amul’s ad campaign is considered the longest-running ad campaign till now and is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

Apart from advertising it on TV, its digital marketing strategy of Amul has also been outstanding. It never fails to connect with its customers via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Amul has come a long way by adapting consumer-friendly strategies and becoming a household name in India. For any business to run and grow long-term, it must rely on strong marketing strategies. Amul has consistently demonstrated market dominance by implementing a few basic but critical marketing strategies, such as low-cost pricing, digital marketing, quality products, etc.

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