Supply Chain Management


A supply chain manager or professional oversees the production flow of materials in a company, from purchasing raw materials to distributing the final product from its inventory. He is responsible for coordinating, organising, and supervising the activities that happen during the duration of the entire flow. The supply chain manager faces many challenges, requiring competent employees to master the necessary professional skill set. With the advent of AI, ML, and IoT, technology has rapidly advanced. Thus, the new era demands that supply professionals keep developing their technical skills. Hence, here are seven core technical competencies that supply chain professionals should master and continually upskill:- Global Business Orientation The global demand and supply chain have tremendously expanded for both retailers and manufacturers in recent years. It gives rise to various opportunities for global sourcing. Thus, the supply chain manager should be competent enough to operate in the fast-pacing international business environment. …

The logistics sector is much broader than the transportation industry. Why we call logistics management a sector is that it constitutes a number of industries such as transportation, e-commerce, warehousing, packaging, etc. 

Now with the sector’s tremendous growth assured, there is a huge demand for manpower across all levels with the right skills. Seekho has been studying the skill gap in this sector over the years and has developed a host of courses to assist job seekers to learn the right skills. Let us look at the important competencies the companies are looking for in the candidates they are hiring. We can put the competencies into three buckets.

I joined the supply chain and logistics sector in 2006. The career looked promising to me. Before joining this sector, never in my, I heard about supply chain management and logistics. Immediately after I started working in this 3PL company, one of my relatives asked me where I have joined and what do I do. It was really hard for me to try explaining what is supply chain and logistics because he too never heard about it. The only word is ever heard and seen were transportation and godown.