Supply Chain Management


When you want to become a leading Supply Chain professional, will having just a business degree be enough? With the current testing times and people consistently learning and upskilling themselves, the simple answer is no. Below are various essential knowledge areas for anyone who wants to learn and lead the supply chain industry. Automation and Information Technology Knowledge People utilising technology as a tool are at the heart of supply chain leadership. If you want to be a successful supply chain leader, nothing is more crucial than upskilling your people’s abilities. Nonetheless, without the use of sophisticated technology tools such as warehouse management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, few supply chains today can function successfully. Thus, working in a supply chain setting requires at least a basic understanding of IT, particularly if you plan to assume a leadership position. If you’re looking for some recommendations, we have a few…

The logistics sector is much broader than the transportation industry. Why we call logistics management a sector is that it constitutes a number of industries such as transportation, e-commerce, warehousing, packaging, etc. 

Now with the sector’s tremendous growth assured, there is a huge demand for manpower across all levels with the right skills. Seekho has been studying the skill gap in this sector over the years and has developed a host of courses to assist job seekers to learn the right skills. Let us look at the important competencies the companies are looking for in the candidates they are hiring. We can put the competencies into three buckets.

I joined the supply chain and logistics sector in 2006. The career looked promising to me. Before joining this sector, never in my, I heard about supply chain management and logistics. Immediately after I started working in this 3PL company, one of my relatives asked me where I have joined and what do I do. It was really hard for me to try explaining what is supply chain and logistics because he too never heard about it. The only word is ever heard and seen were transportation and godown.