Digital Marketing


An effective SEO strategy means optimising all the elements of any content on a webpage to organically rank on the search results page. Search Engine Optimization is not about making the search engines happy. It’s about making the audience happy, and search engines will take care of your webpage. What are those elements? Why do they matter in SEO? How can you optimise them? We will answer all these questions in this blog. Read on. Types of SEO Strategy On-Page SEO: On-page SEO means optimising the content ON the website/webpage to improve the search rankings. Keyword Research and optimisation are crucial parts of this process. Updating the Content from time to time also helps ensure that the content on the site is fresh and the search engines can rank it. Off-Page SEO: As the name suggests, it’s about the things outside the website or webpage. It’s about what people talk…

As you embark on your marketing journey, you must be on the lookout for guidance on the best marketing books to study and significant marketing courses to pursue to upskill yourself. This article is a one-stop solution to all your requirements. We provide a list of five suggested reading for aspiring marketers. We also recommend five helpful courses to learn and master different marketing disciplines.

Technology is constantly evolving, and to move forward with targeted objectives, businesses need to constantly improve their plans and marketing strategies. Marketing has changed dramatically since the advent of the Internet. Businesses are no longer using traditional ways to advertise their products or services and are turning to a more modern way called digital marketing.    

 Affiliate marketing is a popular technique to drive sales and generate a very significant online revenue. This has proven to be extremely beneficial to both the brands and also affiliate marketers. This new revolution in the marketing industry has paid off very well.

Backlinks are a great way to get traffic to your website quickly. When you get a link to your site it allows you to have trust and authority in the eyes of search engines. This is because it tells search engines that you are an expert in the field and your site is worth ranking for certain keywords. However, the basic way of getting backlinks is to get other people to link to your site. So how do you do that? Well, one way is to create guest graphics.