Amul Marketing Strategy


Since we were kids, we all jumped out of bed after watching or listening to the popular AMUL song “AMUL DOODH PEETA HAI INDIA” and the popular product tagline “UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS-AMUL” on TV. These have made our childhood memorable and converted its brand into a household name. Amul is a Gujarat-based cooperative society set up in 1946 to serve as a direct link between dairy farmers and consumers to provide quality milk products to generations. It provides a variety of dairy services throughout India while also providing employment. Amul Cooperative Society is one of the country’s largest milk producers and distributors (1). It has used certain techniques and strategies that have helped it grow and succeed. The following section will discuss and help learn some of Amul’s marketing strategies to serve its customers. Amul’s Business Model and Target Audience: Amul operates on a three-tiered business model federated at the…