Entrepreneurship is not an easy path. It consists of trials, failures, life lessons, self-doubts, personal satisfaction, and experiences. Entrepreneurs belong to different backgrounds. Though entrepreneurs come from various industries, product types, generations, and cultures, their steep learning curve to success with enormous learning is typical. Top entrepreneurs embrace these learnings and use them to find success as an entrepreneur. Their attitude separates them from average white-collar professionals. Not all entrepreneurs have a university degree, but their understanding of a few simple truths about business and life supports their dreams and helps them be among top entrepreneurs.

This article brings you a few lessons from top entrepreneurs around the world – 

1. Investing is the best way to spend money:

Today, the world is surrounded by fake social media luxurious lives. People show off their expensive and attentive lifestyles to fool people. But, top entrepreneurs always suggest that buying a costly car/ watch/ or other items is not the best way to spend your money. Investing generated income into profitable endeavours to produce additional income should be preferred over buying unnecessary items. For example, Warren Buffett (1) has lived a simple and plain life, costing little money. Instead of spending it on things that depreciated with time, he kept re-investing his money into new business ventures.

2. Follow your passion:

We always come across the phrase, ‘follow your heart,’ but when making and spending money, we easily forget these core values and run behind in making quick money. But, chasing quick money-making opportunities often ends with failure. One of the Chinese Philosophers said, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Thus, passion makes a difference in how we work and our engagement, therefore deciding our success. We invest a lot of our time and energy in our daily work. We should choose the work we love and invest our efforts to find success in our passion.

To be a successful person, one needs to be motivated, passionate, and willing to work hard. These qualities come out only when the person loves to do a particular job/work. Moreover, the work does not remain work if one loves to do it. Thus, transform yourself and your life with your passion.

3. Expect and accept failure:

Entrepreneurship comes with ups and downs, including failure. Rather than thinking of it as the end of everything, failures should be taken as a chance to restart and as an opportunity for a new beginning. It becomes a lesson on the path to success and helps reduce business mistakes over time. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for not being creative enough. Later, he created the most imaginative world of fantasy for young hearts. He once said, “I think it is important to have a good hard failure when you are young because it makes you aware of what can happen to you. Because of it, I have never had any fear in my whole life when we have been near collapse.” Hence, do not be afraid of failure and instead accept it as a lesson on the path to success.

4. Trust yourself:

Top entrepreneurs believe in themselves, their dreams, abilities, capabilities, and potential. If you do not believe in yourself, no one will trust you. Being true to yourself is important on the path to success. A co-founder of Unruly Media, Sarah Wood, has increased its sales five-fold in the last two years, being the world’s leading video advertising platform. She was voted UK Female Entrepreneur of the year by the Growing Business Awards. Still, she believes that women in top leadership positions worry too much about others’ perceptions.

Sarah said that many extra layers of judgment are applied to women. Being wise, driven, and successful is not enough. You also need to look fantastic. These additional layers of expectation can bring women down. But, not responding to such judgments and perception layers can help women be successful entrepreneurs. She continued saying that her motto is ‘To believe it and achieve it, I have to see it, feel it, smell it, and taste it. Thus, believing in yourself makes a huge difference in your success.

5. Grab new opportunities:

A successful entrepreneur needs to be aware of changing trends and demands in the market. Businesses should always look for new opportunities to improve their products and services. Though you need to focus on what you are doing, you also need to be aware of your industry’s happening around you. Keeping looking forward and chasing new opportunities are keys to a successful business.

6. Be creative:

Creativity is the core of everything! Innovation and novel products are the results of creativity. Research and development are essential for top entrepreneurs, as it helps their business grow uniquely. Being odd or thinking out of the box is crucial in developing unique products and services. Thus, creativity should be encouraged, and creative people must be motivated by providing parameters critical to maintaining their creativity.


Each successful entrepreneur has countless lessons to share. Everyone’s journey is unique. The article is all about lessons from top entrepreneurs around the world. These lessons are helpful for all people, no matter their background, work, or education. Anyone can learn from their experiences and upskill themselves to succeed in their individual life and career journey.

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