Interviewers like to ask about your career motivation because it’s an important part of your personality and character. They use the information they get from this discussion to build an assessment of your suitability. It’s best, to be honest in your answers although the best answers to interview questions about motivation are also highly skilled. You can show off your skill by showing that you have thought about the question in advance and that you understand the job opportunity. There are many possible interview questions and answers which will be commonly asked in most interviews.

Let’s see how we can approach the most commonly asked interview questions – What motivates you? This question lets the HR evaluate the following based on your answers:

  • Your motivation for the job,
  • What pushes you personally
  • How you are going to impact the team if they select you.

What are you not supposed to say for typical interview questions?

1 Do not address the question with materialistic answers like – motivation by money, perks, or promotion, this could put you across as self-centered.

The best way to address this question is by connecting the answer to the job you are going for by proposing that you would be suitable for the work.

A possible answer

“Well, almost everything motivates me. I thrive on high energy, and I love powerful, impressive communication, great presentation, and valuable discussion with my team on how to solve the problem.”

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