A Financial analyst does financial planning for an entity so the organisation can make critical financial decisions. First, he needs to collect all the past and current financial records and then sort them in a spreadsheet like Excel. After sorting, he has to analyse or forecast the company’s future and prepare a model to make crucial decisions.

A Financial analyst is required not only in a reputed company but also in banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and others. In addition, any institution that makes frequent decisions regarding spending money needs a Financial analyst.

Many online financial analyst courses will help you learn skills and crack interviews in a reputed organisation. You will even get a certificate after completing the online course, which you can show in an interview. The article discusses top Financial analyst online courses and certifications. So, keep reading this article to learn more about Financial analyst courses.

Top 4 Financial Analyst Courses and Certification 

#1. The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2020(Udemy)

Udemy is one of the best online platforms which offers numerous courses, and from which the complete Financial analyst course is one of them. You don’t require any experience to join this course. However, you must know basic things of Finance, accounting, and MS excel.

365 careers provide this course, one of the best-selling providers of business and Finance on Udemy.

The students can learn this course with the help of videos. There are a lot of practice exercises to enhance your knowledge and include lifetime access to 17 articles,495 downloadable resources, and 350 lectures. You can access this Financial analyst course both on TV and on mobile and will get a certificate on completion of this course.

You will learn the following things by enrolling in this course: 

  • You will know how to comfortably work with an excel sheet.
  • You can work with numerous data easily.
  • You will be able to understand 10-K reports.
  • You will be able to make a complete balance sheet from scratch.
  • You can calculate liquidity and profitability to analyse the performance of an organisation.
  • Able to create a professional chart in MS Excel.

#2.Language And Tools Of Financial Analysis(Coursera)

This Financial Analyst course is delivered by the University of Melbourne, an internationally renowned University. The university has partnered with the Bank of New York Mellon and created this excellent course for students desiring to become Financial Analysts in a recognised organisation. Paul Kofman and Sean pinder deliver the course, which works in a prestigious position at the University of Melbourne. 

There are four modules in this course consisting of essential topics covered in 6-8 videos. You will take approximately 14 hours to complete this course. The best thing is that you will get a verified certificate after completing this course by paying only a small amount. You can even reset the deadlines according to your time.

You will learn the following things by joining this course:

  • You will be able to acquire knowledge on the foundation of accounting principles and financial analysis and the relation between the two.
  • You will be able to learn value measurement and discounted cash flow analysis.

#3.Python And Statistics For Financial Analysis(Coursera)

Python is one of the best and most popular programming languages you can use on servers to create web applications. But now, people are using python language to analyse data.

The course has used the python language in statistical concepts, which will help analyse financial data better.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is offering this excellent course. You will find four modules in this course which will approximately take 13 hours to complete. 

It is an intermediate level, of course. The students who have little knowledge about python and probability can join this course to get benefits. You can complete the course in your free time. 

A student can earn the following things by joining this course

  • You can build a trading model with the help of a multiple linear regression model
  •  You can use different investment indicators to check the performance of the trading model.

#4.Financial Analysis Courses And Certification(edX)

edX is an online platform that provides numerous financial courses to help you acquire knowledge and crack interviews with Finacial Analysts. You can get all the knowledge regarding Finance free of cost but need to pay for the certificate.

Below are some of the most popular financial analyst courses in edX, which are liked by most students aspiring to become Finacial analysts.

  • Ratio analysis by the New York Institute of Finance will help you learn different ratio analysis types like liquidity ratio, debt to equity ratio, and others.
  • Corporate Finance by ColumbiaX -This program will help you learn all the skills required for making critical financial decisions.

Most of the courses on edX have case studies that can better train the learner. You will find courses for all three levels, i.e., beginning, intermediate, and advanced skilled learners. So, finally, by joining edX, you will learn the following things:

  • Learn to make a financial report
  • Learn to make different tools to forecast the company’s future related to finance.
  • The theoretical principle of Finance
  • Cost flow analysis
  • Calculate different financial ratios

A Few Final Words

Nowadays, learning is not bounded by the four walls of a classroom. You can learn different courses by joining an excellent online platform.

If you dream of becoming a Financial analyst, it’s best to join an excellent online course to upgrade your skills. It will help you crack interviews and make vital financial decisions in an entity.

You can even join Seekho. It is also an online learning platform where you can gain knowledge about Finance and help in giving a kick-ass to your career. Download the Seekho app now.

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