Financial Analysts are the people who conduct an analysis and make a report on a company’s financial position. Analyzing the performance of businesses and startups and their financial statements is called Financial Analysis, and by taking the financial analysis online course, you will gain knowledge in finance, which can be immensely useful.

1. Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization (COURSERA)

This specialised Financial Analysis Online Course is divided into four sub-courses to give you sound and practical knowledge of finance. You learn about the dynamic world of data and business analytics and gain deep technical expertise in finance and quantitative modeling. Seekho provides in-depth teaching on these subjects.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Understand the income and cash flow statements
  2. Learn Financial Modeling, Regression Analysis, Linear Regression, and Discounted Cash Flow techniques to assess financial decisions
  3. Process of using the potential of spreadsheets to map and predict data

Duration – 4 months(2 hours/week)

Rating – 4.5

2. Introduction to Finance (SEEKHO)

This Financial Analysis Online Course will give you a proper knowledge of risk-return tradeoffs, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, asset valuation, etc. You will learn the language and grammar of accounting and finance to be a perfect analyst.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Learn about investment in debt and equity securities, and the difference between Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return.
  2. Become familiar with Account Terminology, Cash Flow, and Balance sheets.
  3. Learn to make better financial decisions by discounting and compounding arbitrary cash flow streams.

Duration – Flexible

Rating – 4.7

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3. The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2022 (UDEMY)

This is a complete Financial Analysis Online Course that ranges from very basic to advanced, so there is no knowledge prerequisite to begin. If you want to make a career in Finance and learn the practical skills of Financial Analysis, then this course might be a good option.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Understand the company’s values, balance sheets, and industry analysis
  2. Learn how to work with large amounts of data

Duration – 20h 28m

Rating – 4.6

4. Python and Statistics for Financial Analysis (COURSERA)

It would be extremely helpful for you if you have a basic knowledge of the Python language. In this Financial Analysis Online Course, you will learn about the statistical concepts you can apply to stock data. You can use different investment indicators to check the performance of the trading model.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Learn how to apply essential statistical concepts to financial contexts
  2. Understand linear regression and create innovative projects on it
  3. Learn Statistical Analysis, Financial Analysis, and Financial Data Analysis

Duration – 13 hours

Rating – 4.4

5. Financial Markets (COURSERA)

This Financial Analysis Online Course is divided into seven weeks and focuses on the theoretical and behavioural understanding of financial markets and mathematical and analytical understandings. You will see many real-world examples that give you a better finance experience.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Learn the basics of finance, CAPM, debt, inflation
  2. Understand the process of investment banking, underwriting processes, brokers, dealers, exchanges, and innovations in financial markets

Duration – 33 hours

Rating – 4.8

6. Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis: Complete Training (UDEMY)

Making a career in finance and accounting could be a good option for you. You need no knowledge of financing to learn from this course.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Understand the difference between income and cash, debits and credits
  2. Learn to build an income statement and balance sheet
  3. Understand vertical and horizontal analysis and make annual reports

Duration – 3h 35m

Rating – 4.7

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7. Financial Planning & Analysis: Building a Company’s Budget (UDEMY)

Taking this course makes you familiar with financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting, among many other things. You can build a company’s budget from scratch. Take this course from Seekho to learn more about finance

Salient Highlights –

  1. Learn to build financial statements and integrated financial models
  2. Get lots of hands-on projects to work on
  3. Understand the difference between top-down and bottom-up techniques

Duration – 4h 31m

Rating – 4.5

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8. Financial Accounting (EDX)

This course will help you to contribute best to companies and better understand the business around them. They offer resources like financial analysts, financial advisors, and risk managers for success. It would be best for you to have Probability, Statistics, and Calculus prerequisites.

Salient Highlights 

  1. Process of constructing and reading financial statements
  2. Learn Financial Terminology to assess corporate performance
  3. Understand the use of financial statements in valuation models for making corporate finance decisions

Duration – 12 weeks (10-12 hours/week)

9. Valuation and Financial Analysis For Startups Specialization (COURSERA)

This course is divided into five sub-courses, where you can enroll for all or any of the courses. You will get many hands-on projects and must complete all these courses to get a Specialization certificate.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Learn different types of cash flows, financial analysis, and time value of money
  2. To decide where to invest money, you will be familiar with the terminologies Enterprise Value, Bond Valuation, Present Value, NPV, and IRR.
  3. Understand how startup works

Duration – 6 months (2 hours/week)

Rating – 4.3

10. Financial Analysis: Introduction to Business Performance Analysis (LINKEDIN LEARNING) 

Rudolph Rosenberg introduced this course at LinkedIn Learning, a world leader in finance and business with over 20 years of experience in the field, and provides the fundamental concepts of business performance analysis. This Financial Analysis Online Course focuses on practical techniques for analyzing a company’s profit and loss and gaining the insights needed to run a business. Seekho will help you to find out more about it.

Salient Highlights –

  1. Explore the fundamental dynamics you need to understand to explain your business performance.
  2. Massive application of Excel for analysis of financial data
  3. You will get exercises and quizzes to practice the concepts of finance

Duration – 1 hour (on-demand video)

Rating – 4.4


All these are the courses you can take and get benefits and learn more about financing. All these Financial Analysis Online Courses are paid courses, and you have to pay to avail of the course. Seekho can be your true partner in this case. Download the Seekho app now!


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