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What Is Finance?

The term "finance" relates to topics including the creation, administration, and analysis of money and investments. It comprises using projected income flows to fund present projects through investments, securities, and the utilization of credit and debt. Because of its temporal component, finance is closely related to the time value of money, interest rates, and other related subjects.

Finance can be categorized into three major categories: Public Finance, Business Finance, and Personal Finance.


Additional specialized categories abound, such as behavioral finance, which tries to identify the cognitive (e.g., emotional, social, and psychological) factors that influence financial decisions.

To become a finance expert and attract impressive employment opportunities in the field, learn finance with Seekho's Finance Course Online.


What Are the Career Available After Completing Finance Course?

Knowledge of finance is essential for carrying out economic development and growth plans. These various career options available might give you a big head start and offer lots of chances to study and network.

  • Public Accounting

Numerous financial services are included in the broad subject of research and practise known as accounting. In general, public accounting is concerned with keeping track of and sustaining the flow of money for a private or public organisation. Public accountants also offer recommendations and present reports to reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance financial stability.

  • Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is a branch of finance that provides money for commercial endeavours. It discusses capital restructuring, investment choices, and funding sources. The following are some of the essential work duties one has to do: Balancing profitability and risk, Forecasting and analysing economic trends, Reviewing corporate reports and making suggestions for improvement, Maximises stock value, Budgeting and choosing investment portfolios, and Carrying out financial risk management duties.

  • Investment Banking

One of the most renowned professional paths in finance is Investment Banking. In terms of career advancement and pay, it is also a rewarding path. Investment bankers are in charge of financial remodeling responsibilities. Working with data and numbers as well as making judgments that enhance corporate operations are part of their job duties. These professionals need to be interested in and knowledgeable about financial markets and current economic trends.

  • Portfolio Management

Since Portfolio Management calls for an understanding of business, mathematics, and statistics, it combines commerce with science. As a portfolio manager, you don't spend hours poring over specific investments; instead, you focus on your customers' total investment mix, which may include both institutions and private investors

  • Risk Management

Professionals in Risk Management are skilled at spotting market hazards and deciphering subpar investment results. Their main responsibility is to strategically optimise earnings and reduce risks. They use their mastery of mathematics and capacity for critical thought in advising their clients on a range of commercial issues.

  • Internal and external controls

To make sure that all practises and activities comply with relevant laws, ethical standards, and ethical practises, compliance services work with managers and administrative officials. Businesses strive to prevent regulatory non-compliance from harming their reputation or bottom line. In order to ensure efficient business performance, compliance officers' work is crucial.

  • Commercial Banking

Numerous services are offered by commercial banks to both individuals and companies. The options include debit and credit cards, savings and current account features, personal, home, education, and other loans. In addition to financial statement analysis, competitive positioning, and industry analysis are all included in commercial banking.

  • Financial Planning

To ensure their present and future financial security, people and businesses need the help of financial planners. Financial planning as a profession includes analysing cash flows statements and financial statements as well as developing investment and saving strategies that are tailored to the needs of the clients.

You can decide to focus on a particular topic, such as investment growth, asset management, tax planning, estate planning, or retirement planning.


Can I Learn Finance For Free At Seekho?

Online financial courses at Seekho lets you master the very basics and highs of financial terms through expert lectures, video tutorials, workshops, and quizzes. Throughout the course, our mentors are available to answer your questions and impart the latest industry expertise. All of our courses are simply available to everyone and cost nothing extra. Join us to for the best finance online courses and advance your career in finance!


What Are the Topics Covered in the Course For Finance?

The various topics covered in the Finance course online at Seekho are Cryptocurrency, investment banking, taxation, financial risk management, personal finance, investment banking, corporate finance, financial markets, and financial analysis

Become an expert in finance, by opting for various finance courses at Seekho.


What Are the Benefits of Learning Finance Online?

  • It should go without saying that you have the opportunity to earn a lot of money after you have established a profession in the finance industry. Even some entry-level occupations offer lucrative salaries. Moreover, with the correct combination of skills and abilities, there is an opportunity to advance swiftly in one's job.

  • A balanced lifestyle is made possible by jobs in the financial sector because the work hours are more favorable. While there are undoubtedly stressful days, overall, the job domain gives a better sense of balance.


Who Is Eligible to Take the online Financial Course?

It is necessary to have a bachelor's degree and be familiar with the basics of financial management. It is also ideal to have some knowledge of accounting, auditing, mathematics, management, and economics.


Get Excellent Finance Training From The Industry Experts

Seekho is a hub for the most talented young professionals, mentors, and companies in the field of finance. Be it banking, capital markets, leverage, debt, credit, or investments, we provide thorough and researched finance courses about every hot topic in the finance world. Enroll in our ongoing series and learn about Cryptocurrencies, Basics of Fundamental Analysis, Economics 101, and financial modeling. These must-enroll courses form the foundation of finance training. Not only do we provide courses and knowledge from the best mentors in finance, but we also offer some great opportunities for you as soon as you land on our platform! Once you get a finance certification, you can get accounting and finance jobs in renowned companies and enhance your resume even further. You can also watch our pre-recorded courses about finance and investing that are affordable and super interesting. Sharpen your skills in all spheres of finance and achieve perfection with our interactive and enjoyable quizzes and challenges. Dive into the corporate world with our list of investment banking jobs for freshers once you receive your finance certification.

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Why Choose Seekho?

Seekho is the most beneficial platform for young minds because we present information and knowledge to you in an interactive and approachable manner. We aim at connecting together the three pillars of any important business- young talent or learner, mentors, and the company that hires them. We provide the best industry experts with a platform to share their knowledge and skills with young professionals just about to get out into the corporate world. Join our platform and get exciting job opportunities from certified companies and a chance to boost your resume.

Why choosing a career in Finance is a great decision?

A career in finance offers you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of roles and responsibilities in different settings. You can implement your financial knowledge in different sectors and organisational structures. You can be an Investment banker, Information technology auditor, compliance analyst, Financial advisor, Insurance advisor, Senior accountant, hedge fund manager and the list can go on and on. All these job profiles provide a sense of status as well as decent salary packages. 

The Operations to be undertaken as a Corporate finance employee are interesting, challenging and rewarding. You learn something new at every stage of your career and there are complex developments everyday in the finance industry. Thus, Finance is one of the most sought after careers not only in India but all around the world. 

There are other benefits to building a career in finance. The knowledge you gain during your education or while you are working can be transferable to personal life finances. You can employ the tips and tricks learnt from your company strategies to build a strong financial base for you and your family. Courses offered by Seekho like How to Invest in Stock market and 'Become a stock market expert' will help you improve your financial knowledge for sure but it will also assist you in making financial investment decisions for your family. Multiple times there are household debates regarding huge investments like whether one must buy a house or rent one. The solutions to these debates can be easily found if any one member from the family works in the finance sector. Having knowledge about the finance market and the recent developments around the financial economy help make wiser and economical personal decisions. 

Thus, a career in finance has multiple professional and personal advantages. You can start building your resume in the right direction and collect all necessary information on how to start a career in finance by taking up online courses on seekho and also indulging in various seekho discussions and Q & A's. Once you take up these courses it will be much easier for you to Implement and execute financial strategies.