Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular everywhere we look. Modern technology’s advancements, the widespread use of smartphones as mini computers, and the capacity to analyze massive volumes of data generated by the continuous information flow clearly demonstrate how ubiquitous AI is in our daily lives. Whether we recognize the impact of AI or are still unaware, we have all experienced its influence in our lives. For example, a simple google search leads to similar ads popping up the next time we open a webpage.

The information thus obtained becomes an actionable insight with the use of artificial intelligence. This demonstrates the mighty influence and applicability that AI can have on various businesses. Many sectors have embraced AI in business and seen the sizeable growth and unique opportunities it brings. A prominent example of AI can be witnessed in the lending landscape, how app-based loan applications and algo-based approvals have done wonders for approval timelines.

PwC 2021 business survey states that businesses that have already adopted artificial intelligence are increasingly utilizing the same in widespread roles. These companies are also likely to claim significant value from AI programs to increase productivity, decision-making, customer experience, product and service innovation, employee experience, and other areas. In a survey of 2500 US business decision-makers and consumers, 72% termed artificial intelligence as a “business advantage.”

How can AI boost business performance?

Quick Decisions

Because it can help you assimilate and evaluate much more information than you could on your own, AI-supported decision-making is extremely effective. AI can input reams of past data on sales revenue, earnings, vendor expenses, and end-user feedback to assist in streamlining the pricing and then create accurate forecasts of potential future events. It can make predictions about how pricing changes are made by vendors and competition in reaction to your actions. Better operational decisions are made possible by the combination of AI and human expertise to predict machine performance and maintenance requirements. These decisions may be made swiftly as a result of the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which mixes artificial intelligence and computers such that AI algorithms are performed at an extremely fast rate.


From product design to process design to software development, everything had a longer duration to test run on market segments. The business world has enormous amounts of data these days; with the application of Artificial Intelligence, a simulated run of all such business decisions can be done, and a realistic scenario of the system or product can be achieved. The simulation also enables a business to decide on the platform on which the business should start working. Take the example of a popular show on an OTT platform. As soon as the genre becomes successful, the platform gets many shows of a similar pattern. These all are decided on the basis of Artificial Intelligence.

Workforce management

AI is also changing the way businesses deal with the workforce. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence in workforce management, businesses can improve performance and ease the burden on employees. As a result, many monotonous jobs can be shifted to AI and ease an employee’s life. It also requires employing candidates with a greater learning curve toward automated technologies and adaptability to changing dynamics. Thus, reducing unnecessary manpower and also reducing human errors in operations.

Digital Marketing

All marketing activities that take place online are referred to as “digital marketing” or online marketing. To engage with present and potential consumers, businesses use digital channels including search engines, social media, email, and other websites. There are many different types of content marketing, including blogging, newsfeeds, webinars, video, animations, white papers, research papers, e-books, how-to manuals, seminars, and email campaigns. In digital marketing, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more significant. Automation uses algorithms to assess the data at hand and come up with the best content marketing plans.

The generation of high-caliber, high-ranking content is aided by AI. AIs can perform a wide range of tasks for your company’s marketing, including keyword research, content planning and creation, blog post distribution and optimization, and social media sharing schedule. Many companies elevate their marketing initiatives by providing top-notch blog content.

Better Customer Service

Chatbots replicate human dialogue with users via websites, mobile applications, phones, and other similar platforms. It is a digital assistant with AI that converses with people. Nowadays, customers demand 24/7 service anywhere with customer support that is quick, simple, and personalized. Chatbots can be useful here.

It is a brand-new marketing channel that offers customers and brands a sincere, intimate encounter. Chatbots are transforming marketing and business. In the areas of user interface and customer experience, they are one of the most promising trends.

AI-based Cyber security

Several sectors, including retail, consumer products, transportation, utilities, and telecommunications, depend on cybersecurity. Numerous dangers, such as identity theft, account takeovers, and vengeful ransomware strains could affect a firm. The management of vulnerabilities, the detection of phishing attacks, network security, behavioural analytics, preventative control, and other cybersecurity-related tasks can all be handled by AI software.

More and more enterprises and sectors are using AI. AI-powered software is employed in different segments and with its adaptive and deep learning capabilities, its employability of the same is getting incremental with every passing day.


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