MBA group discussion is one of the most critical components of the MBA admission process. A successful GD can add the final polish to your application and make all the difference between a “yes” or a “no” from the admissions committee. Unfortunately, despite the intense preparation for placement interviews and group discussions, many candidates face rejection by recruiters. This rejection is due to a lack of knowledge about effectively tackling group discussion topics for MBA and b) using unsuitable/uninspiring examples or illustrations.

You need to understand that GD is a skill that has to be learned, practiced, and cracked over time. And this will not happen in one go. It has to be addressed systematically and with all disciplines. In today’s time, where careers are at stake and competition is cutthroat, it is crucial to have exhaustive knowledge of group discussion topics for an MBA.

So, let’s take you through the complete journey of GD, give you some group discussion do’s and dont tips and make you aware of what it takes to become a potent candidate. We will then equip you with the latest group discussion topics for an MBA.


  • Skills that will be judged in a GD
  • Preparation and correct approach
  • Structuring of a GD
  • The reason behind mediators winning GDs
  • Components of a successful GD
  • Types of GDs
  • GD Topics for MBA Interview

1. Skills judged in a GD

During placement season, the companies you will interview are looking for strong leadership skills, communication abilities, and team players. Employers also want to see candidates who can listen to new ideas, think critically and solve problems, manage time well, and remain calm under pressure. Overall, they are looking for well-rounded professionals.

2. Preparation and correct approach

Remember that a group discussion is not a solo performance. When interviewing, companies are looking for team players who can work effectively as part of a group to solve problems. Therefore, if you want to go to the next round, your goal shouldn’t be to beat out other students; it should be to put up a stellar performance as a team that dazzles recruiters.

Also, students can practice with others in their batches for group discussions by familiarizing themselves with the arguments based on case studies or generic topics.

3. Structuring of a GD

Try using the predefined models for the perfect structuring.

1. For Case-based GD- Strategy, Targets, and Positioning is most commonly seen in a case. Remember to include an explanation of Kotler’s 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) (1), so the analysis is comprehensive.

2. For common topics- To explore an issue from every angle, find examples of the PESTLE model (political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental) or the 5Cs (context, company, competitors, customers, and collaborators).

4. Reasons behind mediators are winning GDs.

As you know, a mediator is someone who brings people together to solve a problem or address an issue. They help keep the conversation focused and on task, remind people of time constraints, facilitate conflict resolution, and generally guide the discussion. Recruiters love this in applicants because it shows that you are the kind of person who can get things done without being a jerk about it, who can remain calm under pressure, and who can lead from behind without being bossy. And this is the reason why these people end up winning GDs.

5. Components of a successful GD

 An excellent GD has the following parts:

1. The preliminary initiation- As any experienced GD candidate knows, it’s a good idea to initiate the group discussion. It shows leadership and helps ensure that you don’t miss any points. You can get the conversation going by defining key terms or introducing a topic with an adage, famous saying, quote, anecdote, or rhetorical question (2).

2. Interlinking- It is always good to refer to a point made earlier and link issues together during group discussions. It is essential for the debate not to stray from its focal point and move forward logically and smoothly.

3. Wrapping up with a smooth conclusion- In this stage, the group discusses every angle of an issue and reaches a solution. Good communication skills and good content are essential to impact a group discussion. Statistics and facts can give you an advantage in the group, but only if you know how to use them correctly. 

6. Types of common group discussion topics asked in MBA placement.

There are various categories for current topics for gd for MBA. Broadly dividing, they are as follows:

  • Current burning issues
  • Some abstract issues
  • Business & Economy topics
  • Social Issues

7. Current GD Topics for MBA

Here, we have got you 21 burning GD topics that will help you to prepare in the best direction beforehand.

Sr. No.TopicsCategory
1COVID 19 effect on the global economyCurrent
2A sneak peek into post COVID worldCurrent
3Emergency in CanadaCurrent
4Data is the new oilCurrent
5Russia-Ukraine ConflictCurrent
6The power of self-motivationAbstract
7Is work-life balance a myth?Abstract
8Innovation vs InventionAbstract
9Is being spiritual necessary?Abstract
10Technology or EthicsAbstract
11Bitcoin/cryptocurrencyBusiness & Economy
12Cashless EconomyBusiness & Economy
13GST impact on the Indian EconomyBusiness & Economy
14Demonetisation- Pros & ConsBusiness & Economy
15Privatisation in the banking sectorBusiness & Economy
16Is social media a boon or a curse?Social
17Rural vs Urban IndiaSocial
18Women empowermentSocial
19Should the national anthem be played in theatres?Social
20Is the smart city project practical?Social
21How successful is Swachh Bharat Abhiyan? Social
22Should bullet trains be introduced in India?Business & Economy
23Pollution growth/Climate changeSocial
24The challenges agriculture facesBusiness & Economy
25An Overview of Indian PovertyBusiness & Economy
26Technological impact on jobsCurrent Affairs
27Scams in the banking industryCurrent Affairs


So, it was all about current topics for gd for MBA and the GD tips that we could have brought forth. We hope you had a good time reading the post and imbibe the relevant information. All you need to do is practice these current topics for gd for MBA thoroughly, and we are sure that you will get admission into your dream B school.

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