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5 Life Changing Takeaways from SeekhoX – Sukhleen Aneja

Recently, on SeekhoX, we had one of the best times of our lives interacting with Sukhleen Aneja, CEO of The Good Glamm Group.

Throughout the stories and the life experiences that Sukhleen shared, there were tons of lessons and learnings for us to grab. And if you couldn’t catch our lovely conversation with Sukhleen – fret not, for I’ve got you covered.

With that said, here are five key takeaways from SeekhoX featuring Sukhleen Aneja!

#1 How it all started for Sukhleen.

“If there’s one word that can describe my journey, it would be serendipity.”

During our conversation with Sukhleen, she reminisced about how her journey started. It all began after she’d decided on pursuing liberal arts instead of commerce as per her mother’s wishes.

Even so, she explained to us how she never really stood out and stood up for herself or anything – that all changed, however, after she became the college president at LSR. For someone who’d never taken on a leadership role, this was the turning point for her.

This point is where her journey began – from Reckitt to L’Oréal to The Good Glam Group. So, always remember that you need to step out of your comfort zone to be what you can be.

#2 What happens when life decides to hold you in your tracks?

“Any time you pause (in any aspect of your life), it gives you a chance to look at your whole life and start anew.”

Here, Sukhleen described how, during her maternity leave, COVID, and everything else in between, life gave her a chance to pause – she was able to rewind, take a look back at how her life had been till now, and say, “Let’s not do more of this anymore.”

When this moment happened, she decided to go back to “being a student once again” and get into a consumer tech company instead of what she’d been previously doing.

Essentially, and once again, Sukhleen advises us all not to get comfortable with things because if we do that, we lose our chance to try out new experiences in life.

#3 Understanding the difference between Pushback and Resistance.

“If you come across a pushback, look at it as someone with greater experience and wisdom trying to give you a perspective that you may have missed.”

Sukhleen, when asked about any pushback or moment of self-doubt that she may have faced during the early years of her professional journey, explained her take on what the word “Pushback” really means.

She explained how, first and foremost, what you really need at times are people that believe in the work that you’re putting in.

But, at the same time, if you face any form of pushback, then try to look at it as someone with more experience than yourself, providing you with some keen insights as to where you might be lacking.

If you take that feedback well, you’ll then be able to improvise and polish your work and efforts – so treating pushback as resistance is not the right course of action.

In the end, you need to realise that everyone is committed to doing the right thing, and you get to that point only when people with different yet sensible mindsets contribute towards what you do.

#4 The importance of Data in today’s world

“…it does require everybody, I think, to be extremely aware of data, the power of data, and to be able to get analytics that makes you extremely agile.”

In this increasingly digitised world of ours, understanding the numbers and everything they represent is where the money’s at. Sukhleen describes something similar, explaining how in the “old world,” the feedback loop for a product took too long, and accordingly, it took too long for companies to take action.

But the story is different now, we have data sets about anything and everything, and the feedback loops that she described are shorter than ever before – almost instantaneous, really.

To that end, everyone needs to have a somewhat basic understanding of data, its analysis, and what it truly represents. Once we know how to do so, it becomes easier for us to take action and head in the right direction as quickly as possible.

#5 Everything in life is going to be a choice

“…feeling full or feeling less, having a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset – all of these are choices.”

According to Sukhleen, everything in our lives is a choice. Whatever we do, whatever direction life is taking us in, and whatever we wish to be in the present or in the future – it’s all a choice, our choice. It’s up to us and our outlook towards life and its different elements that guide us to our decisions. 

What matters the most is being grateful for everything you currently have in your life and never forgetting who you really are. Embrace both the successes and the failures in life, discover new frontiers that you were previously unaware of, experience discomfort, and don’t regret the things that happen.

And for now, that’s a wrap. These were five takeaways amongst a ton of stories and experiences that we got to listen to from Sukhleen.

That said, if you’re interested in more such enthralling stories, interviews, and delightful moments, then be sure to head over to our app to learn more about SeekhoX!

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