Every time you open an app, browse through the items or click an ad, you generate data. Companies usually retain this data to recommend more items of your taste in the future. It is called big data in technical terms. It reflects your consumer behaviour, purchase trends, and other crucial patterns for decision-making. The latter part is where data science comes into the picture! 

From healthcare enterprises to analytical firms, every industry has recognised the importance of data science. With such high demands for skilled data scientists and competition between organisations, companies are willing to pay as you want.

Are you a fresher starting into Data Science or switching your career and want to know more about companies that offer promising jobs in Data Science? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. This blog will give you some foundational insights on where to work as a Data Scientist/Analyst beyond the traditional FAANG and old tech giants. 


OpenAI is an AI research company. Professionals working at OpenAI guarantee to build highly autonomous systems that outperform humans and benefit the entire human race. 

The company highly boasts of its core values, ranging from technical leadership to long-term safety. They invest heavily in data insights and are willing to go against the established norms. 

Working as a data scientist for OpenAI is a unique opportunity to go above and beyond.

You can visit – https://openai.com/careers/#open


Mu Sigma Analytics is one of the best companies for human intelligence analytics. It is a renowned unicorn in the USA that collaborates with more than two-fifths of the Fortune 500 companies.

Mu Sigma has built quite a reputation in a short while by bringing together People, Processes, and Platforms. Currently, more than 3500 data scientists are working for Mu Sigma worldwide. They have also been chosen as Walmart’s Supplier of the Year and Microsoft’s preferred Analytics partner.

Therefore, it is one of the best data science companies to work for in 2022.

You can visit – https://www.mu-sigma.com/careers


Salesforce is undoubtedly one of the best companies to work for in the business data analytics space. It is one of the best companies to provide Data Science-as-a-Service (DSaaS) with its popular Salesforce data management platform. 

Salesforce is offering one of the highest data scientist salaries in 2022 with a wide range of opportunities for data scientists. They can combine real-time data from multiple sources to deliver personalised marketing services as per business requests.

You can visit – https://salesforce.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/External_Career_Site


The enterprise data cloud for all data, wherever it is, comes from none other than Cloudera. They help their clients transform by speeding up time-to-results with their enterprise AI and ML technology. They enable their customers to create and deploy scalable AI solutions safely and efficiently anywhere.

We might already know that data helps make efficient decisions with the hybrid data cloud in a data-driven culture. This data science company offers a fortune in a data scientist’s salary. It is one of the most promising organisations of the decade.

You can visit – https://www.cloudera.com/careers.html


Among the well-known Data Science companies, Fractal is one of the most popular. Fractal Analytics is a multinational AI company providing services in healthcare, retail, technology, and several other sectors. Many leading Fractal products make the world a better place by employing AI in every human decision-making process. 

For example, Qure.ai helps make better medical diagnostic decisions, Cuddle.ai helps the Executives Board make better strategic decisions, and Theremin.ai helps investors make better investment decisions.

You can visit – https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/fractal-analytics-jobs/?originalSubdomain=in


Databricks interacts and operates on an open-source cloud-based platform that enables companies to bring all their data and intelligence services to a single place. It is called the Lakehouse Platform.

In May 2021, several new ML models were released by them.  One that stands out is the world’s first open protocol for secure real-time data sharing between organizations, called Delta Sharing.

Databricks has received significant grants and work in collaboration with major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. At present, out of the world’s 500 largest companies, almost half of them use Databricks for data engineering and solutions.

You can visit –https://databricks.com/company/careers


One of the leading global services providers, Accenture specialises in providing digital services, cloud-based services, and security. It has acquired several small-scale companies to increase its AI, analytics, and data expertise. 

Accenture is mainly an AI-enabled analytical firm specialising in data-driven digital transformation combining both fronts of data engineering and advanced real-time data analytics. Accenture is one of the Fortune Global 500 companies rendering a suite of IT professional services like app development, cloud, blockchain, analytics, supply chain, operations, etc.

You can visit – https://www.accenture.com/in-en/careers


Solving end-to-end data challenges is very competently done by Teradata. It is a Multi-Cloud Data platform known as Teradata Vantage that helps businesses on various fronts. The flexibility to handle large volumes of mixed data is Teradata’s unique business value.

Some popular third-party tools and languages come integrated with the Teradata Vantage. Hence, allowing customers to run their analysis without spending time learning something new from scratch.

You can visit – https://careers.teradata.com


As the demand for skilled data scientists is on the spike constantly, more companies are now relying on data to make crucial decisions. Therefore, jobseekers do not have to rely only on FAANG companies or big firms for openings. Instead, there are many roles available, ranging from cybersecurity to AI. We hope this article has given you an overview on the site of the careers of new technology businesses to watch out for!
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