In a field like product management, which is dynamic, it is essential to keep yourself updated on the latest trends, topics, and practices being followed. One way you can do so is by reading top product management blogs from professionals. These blogs provide you with the current strategies, best practices, and introduction of new trends in the industry. They can also be an effective means of benefitting from the knowledge and experience of professionals who are at the helm of these changes and experiencing them firsthand.

While a quick internet search can expose you to these blogs, it is essential to identify and segregate those that are more cutting-edge and a powerhouse of knowledge.

The following 10 best blogs in product management can provide your career with the much-needed impetus and keep you at the top of your game.

The Department of Product by Jason Leonard and Richard Holmes

The Department of Product is an international educational organization that intends to assist product managers, product teams, and technology professionals in advancing their careers by learning new skills. It offers a blog and newsletter to help you learn more about current product management themes and what it means to create products today.

The authors are direct and practical, and their lessons take advantage of these traits to develop a strategy that produces results. This site offers a wealth of tools, articles, and viewpoints on this ever-changing sector. Additionally, it addresses particular subjects like DevOps and the application of software like Slack.

Silicon Valley Product Group Insights Blog

To share the expertise of some of the most seasoned product executives in the IT sector, product management veteran Marty Cagan formed the Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG). Cagan was in charge of creating and maintaining some of the most well-known tech brands, including Hewlett-Packard, Netscape Communications, and eBay, before creating the SVPG.

The Insights blog at SVPG frequently publishes top-notch articles on various product-related subjects. Process, data science, conveying your product strategy, and risk are the recent issues covered. Regular bloggers and guest bloggers provide intelligent product-related content.

Product Talk

You may get advice on anything related to creating your product from product development coach Teresa Torres and other contributors on this Product Talk blog. For product managers, UX designers, and others, it’s a fantastic resource. The use of data in decision-making, according to her, is crucial, and it’s imperative to better understand your consumers and clients. She emphasizes how important it is to continually monitor your customers’ interactions with your products and their level of interest in them.

Hacker Noon

There is a tonne of materials on product management, development, and much more at Hacker Noon. Many unique articles concentrate on everything connected to the tech sector. Additionally, the developing product management community on the blog is wonderful to work with and is highly helpful. There is always something fresh to learn from other people. The fact that there is a wonderful product management community on this site and that they provide a tonne of stuff is its finest feature.

The Product Management Blog by the Product School

The Product Management Blog by the Product School, which was established in 2014, quickly rose to the top of the list of must-reads for anybody searching for career-advancing tools in product development. The greatest tools are being provided to everyone who wishes to work as a product manager. Any aspirant product manager will find their blog to be a great resource as it is chock full of advice and knowledge from the finest in the IT industry.

Sachin Rekhi by Sachin

Product management is the subject of both this website and blog. The writing is excellent, and Sachin Rekhi is a true expert in his profession. He has a wealth of knowledge from his experience working in Silicon Valley as a founder and PM. His writing is insightful and accessible and provides many distinct viewpoints on various product management subjects.

Bring The Donuts

In 2005, while working as a product manager at Google, Ken Norton founded Bring the Donuts. He has gained a good name in the industry as a seasoned product leadership coach, speaker, and author. Visit Bring the Donuts to learn about the expertise and experience of one of the greatest in the field through his observations and various fascinating articles.

Women in Product by various authors

This Women in Product, product management blog empowers women while producing top-notch content. It is a nonprofit organization that seeks to support and aid women in their efforts to have equal access to product management. The fact that this blog’s subjects are distinctive is its finest feature. The blogs take a significant step toward changing this typically male-dominated sector by providing women’s perspectives on a range of topics. You may network with other female product management professionals and get to know the trailblazers.

‍Hitenism ‍

KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout, and Crazy Egg are three SaaS businesses founded by Hiten Shah. He conducts several case studies, offers several suggestions and recommendations on product processes, and provides best practices from his extremely extensive knowledge. If you’re interested in SaaS enterprises, you should also sign up for his newsletter, Saas Weekly.


As you can see, there are plenty of Product Management blogs available for you to read and learn from. Many software firms are providing excellent content, and both fresh and seasoned product influencers are contributing lots of innovative ideas. To acquire a variety of information on product management and learn more about these blogs and related content, visit the Seekho website and join Seekho Select Membership to learn Product Management, also you can download the Seekho app!

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