Absolute demand for analytics and Data science experts has left candidates in a state of a fix as to what should be their approach as a Jobseeker towards building a career in the stream. As a suitable candidate, you should possess more than just an academic approach to the topic. Your portfolio should portray your interest in the subject and the applicability of the knowledge. To tackle this correctly, you should build a portfolio of candidature depicting your talent as a candidate.

The data science portfolio is a simple way to establish trust with a hiring manager and demonstrate that a candidate is qualified. A strong portfolio might compensate for a lack of job experience or traditional higher education for industry newbies. It’s a good technique for hiring managers to find candidates with industry experience. Adding a portfolio with frequent improvisation as you upskill can significantly impact searching for a job in Data Science.

How to Build a Data Science/Analytics Portfolio?

Building a portfolio of projects to showcase your skills and aptly position yourself in front of a prospective employer requires a candidate to curate a portfolio that has the following:


To create a portfolio for the job you desire, first determine the talents you need to demonstrate to a prospective employer. Perhaps your ideal job prioritizes machine learning, data cleansing, and data visualization tools or requires data analysts to be skilled demonstrators and storytellers. A well-defined job description can make it clear to you what kind of customization your portfolio needs.


Most Analytics research initiatives start with identifying a problem that needs to be solved or a question that should be answered. They conclude with a data scientist deftly plucking out meaningful insights from troves of messy data. When developing your project ideas, consider the themes you’re interested in and how connecting with relevant datasets could shine a light on a problem. You can always connect with industry experts through seekho.ai, understand real-life issues, and build your portfolio around them with actionable insights.


The world we live in today is bombarded with data; The essential role of an Analytics expert is to make sense of this data. When building your data science portfolio, it is always suggested to employ somewhat unruly data and arrive at a conclusion that is not very clear on simple glances. There are various resources from where data can be utilized; join Seekho and get answers to your basic queries.


Once you’ve settled on suggested research and a data set to work with, it’s critical to clean the data by merging enormous data sets and searching for answers or significant findings through data analysis. This stage allows you to exhibit your creativity and decision-making skills by examining other points of view, accessing additional data sources, and applying engaging visuals. Simple, clear, and thorough information is vital for creating an appealing portfolio. It’s a good idea to have a variety of themes that illustrate the breadth of your abilities, each placed somewhere approachable, with code visibility, a well-planned analysis procedure, and report contextualization. 


Make sure your portfolio changes alongside you as you upskill your data science abilities, work on fascinating and increasingly complicated projects, and solve new issues. A portfolio is a calling card; keep it current to be competitive.

Popular categories of Data Science and Analytics portfolio:

Few segments where you can build your projects to get a Data Science/Analytics job:

Data Cleansing

Cleaning up unruly data sets is a crucial component of the job of a data science executive. A data cleaning project, where you locate any existing unclean data, select an intriguing subject or angle to investigate, clean up the data, and then execute simple analysis to find conclusions, will demonstrate to a prospective employer that you have strong analytical skills.

Actionable Insights

The data narration project is a logical extension of the data screening project and focuses on the practical insights gained from deciphering a data set. It requires searching for connections and patterns in data and determining how they fit into a narrative. For example, you might combine data on unlicensed drivers with the number of hit-and-run accidents in a specific region and recommend that illegal drivers should be fined heavily.

Machine Learning

Machine learning projects, also known as end-to-end projects, allow you to show off your technological skills by requiring you to build infrastructures and programs that can receive input data and output results. This helps you demonstrate that you understand how a firm or organization could use systems or programs and how you might create tools that are aligned with the organization’s aims.


Writing explanatory articles on your professional blog or a platform frequented by data scientists is another way to establish potential and demonstrate that you understand what you’re talking about to a prospective employer.

Learn how to build a Data Science Portfolio:

A data science/Analytics portfolio typically helps build credibility by presenting the projects on which a candidate has worked. Strong data science portfolios often show an applicant’s technical talents, originality in developing research topics, ability to analyze data and derive insights, desire to cooperate with others, and ability to convey their results to non-technical audiences succinctly. It is not very easy to implement the same. To upskill yourself in the segment or to learn how to approach your data science portfolio, get in touch with experts at Seekho.


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