Cracking a Product Manager interview, especially given the demand of the profile and the vast scope of work, is not easy. You need to be thoroughly prepared about the company, give answers that will leave the interviewer impressed, and have a strong job resume. A product manager always tries to make unique products and sell them at an affordable price in the market. In your product manager interview, you cannot give irrelevant answers and consider getting selected for a company. The recruiter will check your background, skills, personality, and the profit you will bring to the company after joining as a product manager.

One of the companies that you can apply for a Product Manager job is Meesho. If you have applied for the Meesho product manager, you need to answer the interview questions confidently. 

The article discusses ten important questions asked in the Meesho product manager interview in 2023. So, keep reading…

Top 10 Questions Asked In Meesho Product Manager Interview 2023

#1. What qualities can make a product outstanding in the market?

Most recruiters ask this question when searching for a product manager for the company. Your reply will give them an understanding of how you view the design or development of a product.

However, there is no fixed rule for designing a good product in the market. So, while answering the such type of question, you need to say some universal features must be there in a product to work excellently in the market.

Sample answer 

I will develop a product that will solve the issues of targeted customers. It should be simple and well-understood by the user. The product will have a profound impact on the life of the reseller. 

#2. Name the product which you use the most. Tell the benefits and limitations of that product.

It is a subjective question, and the interviewer wants to check your awareness of different products in the market.

Considering that millions of people are applying for the job. You can pick a necessary product that most people use in their daily lives and try to answer in a good way.

Sample answer

I use uber most of the time as I can request a ride at any time of the day during the year. The prices are also affordable. Another thing I like about this app is that there are different modes of payment like google pay, phone pay, or cash after reaching the destination. However, there are a few things that I don’t like about this app like it doesn’t have good customer service.

#3. What do you understand by a poorly designed product?

A poorly designed product means the product has failed to satisfy its targeted customers. The interviewer wants to know your understanding regarding a poor or bad product. So, you need to explain with an example.

Sample answer

For instance, if a company has developed a mobile phone with a keypad in alphabet order, it did not become popular in the market. It is because most mobile users are habituated to a qwerty keypad. They became confused while texting on a mobile phone with an alphabetic order keypad.

#4. How will you decide the price of a particular product?

The interviewer wants to know about your way of looking toward a pricing strategy. So, you should always choose a pricing strategy to help achieve Meesho company’s goals.

Sample answer

I will analyze the market, target customers thoroughly, and then decide pricing strategy for any product. For instance, I will consider variable costs while determining the price of any product, like packaging, marketing, shipping, etc. Secondly, I will consider the company’s profit while selling the product.

#5. What do you understand about PLM, and how does it helps a product manager?

It is a subjective question, and the interviewer wants to know about your knowledge regarding the product life cycle.

PLM or product lifecycle management covers the entire lifecycle of a product, right from design and manufacturing to sales and finally discontinuation from the market.

PLM is quite helpful for a product manager as it helps improve the quality and reliability of the product and brings new unique ideas.

#6. Can you say some software tools by which you can manage your team members?

This question aims to know whether the candidate knows about any software tools by which he can handle the product manager job thoroughly. So, just try to mention the best management applications to the interviewer. But remember, you should be well acquainted with that particular application.

Sample answer

I know various management applications like Monday. Com (1), Asana (2), and Zoho (3) will use, where I can manage my team members, monitor them, and track workloads.

#7. How does the role of the Meesho project Manager differ from the product manager?

Meesho is an online platform that sells numerous things, from apparel to cosmetics and household items.

A product manager in Meesho will decide which features should be in the app to increase resellers’ profitability and their business. So, the company will recruit a project manager to turn these objectives into action.

Meesho project manager will lead a project for building that new feature in the application. He will schedule and try to complete the project within a fixed time and with resources.

#8. How will you cut corners to move the product out of the door of our organization?

The interviewer wants to check whether you can handle the challenging situation while launching any product in the market.

There may be situations like your team members may delay in doing work which may delay launching your product. In such cases, you need to cut down a few things and launch immediately in the market. So, the recruiter wants to know how will handle such a situation.

Sample answer

I will cut down a few things and launch the product immediately if one of the following situations occurs.

  • The product will give fewer results if it is launched after a few days are months.
  • Launching the product is already delayed as my team members take more time than estimated.

However, I will launch a product only if it performs well and can be used appropriately by targeted customers without affecting the company’s reputation.

#9. Can you tell me the relationship between the product manager and an engineer?

A product manager is responsible for the foundation of the delivery of a product. He even does market research and identifies the target audience, competitors, and challenges in the market. But the engineer and his team help develop a product’s technical strategies.

#10. How can the success of a product be measured?

  • Awareness of the product 
  • Total number of people using the product
  • Frequency of the product used by the people
  • The efficiency of the product
  • Feedback of customers
  • Features of the product

A Few Final Words

The above ten questions will help you crack the interview for Meesho Product Manager. However, you need to answer every question boldly and with confidence. Try to keep eye contact with your interviewer while answering questions.

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