Start freelancing along with your job 

Learning something out of the box to plummet your resume experience and fetch you a great deal of side income is quite fascinating to hear. But, how could you maintain such hustle with your daily job? The answer to this is freelancing! 

Freelancing is an emerging profession that many people prefer to work in their spare time. It is an amazing opportunity to explore your true self and reveal your hidden talents. You can freelance any work you want, like content writing, content marketing, blogging, photography, social media marketing, SEO, etc. All you need to begin freelancing is to manage your time and work schedule accordingly. Although freelancing does not require much investment of effort, time, and experience, it does require dedication and passion. If you are high on that, you should surely give this side gig a kickstart! 

This blog is going to sort out how you can manage freelancing and your full-time job, and the basic requirements it needs to become a freelancer. 

Waive Your Conflicts 

First, if you want to work as a freelancer, you must ensure your contract at your workplace allows you to work in your spare time. There are certain clauses in the employment contract that sometimes do not allow the workers or employees to work outside their organisation, and if you want to break this shackle, you need to ensure that your contract is not binding you with any such restrictions. Also, if certain clauses stop you from working as a freelancer, then you should talk to your boss to waive this conflicting interest for you. 

Decide Your Freelance Arena 

There are many dimensions that freelancing offers, like marketing, SEO blogging, writing, branding, campaigning, promoting, graphic designing, etc. Along with various industries like automobiles, entertainment, traveling, clothing, SEOs, etc. You have to figure out what your area of interest is before you start freelancing. It is quite obvious you might have confusion deciding what projects you should take upon, which firms you should work with and what kind of projects you want to work on. But, to ditch all these basic intimidating questions, you only have to identify and address the notion of what job or side gig you would be able to do in your spare time. 

For instance, you figure out that you want to pursue SEO blogging and will work as a freelancer for the SEO sector. Then, you must explore the boons and banes and the time requirements of SEO blogging so that you can manage your workload and enjoy working as a freelancer.

Build An Attractive Portfolio

Now, you have figured out what freelance job you want to do and how much time you will be able to devote to freelancing. The next step should be composing a catchy resume for your side gig. This portfolio should be attractive and optimistic enough to magnetise some clients and big corporate whales for you. It should reflect your skills and your working desires with an appropriate template. For this very purpose, you can hire experts through various websites, including Fiverr and MyPerfectResume. 

Collect Information About Ongoing Trends 

The trends and writing styles in freelancing keep on maturing with time. The readership keeps improving its taste and discretion, and to prosper as a freelancer, you should keep your knowledge up to date. You should focus on your target audience and the content they like to craft content or a freelancing strategy that is more engaging. 

For instance, if your target readership is young, then you should tailor a strategy with relatable material involving teen issues like school, friends, career-related problems, relationships, and solutions. Also, controversial and trending topics are always on the verge of discussion, which you can incorporate into your content. 

Label Your Services 

All your basic statutes are now sorted out to begin your freelance voyage. The next major issue to address for you is to put a price on your services. The prices you stabilise for your services should comply with the ongoing market rates and the sphere in which you are freelancing. Mostly, this daunting task is done with the help of a time strategy. You should charge your clients hourly, which makes it easy to calculate your costs and do justice to your job. 

Manage Your Things Well

You are all set to pull your side gig off! 

But here comes the trickiest part of your idea, you have to manage and balance your full-time work with your freelance job. You have to schedule your job and freelancing work accordingly so that you do not have to deal with clashes. To efficiently balance both things, you should take the help of a working calendar, which will remind you of your deadlines and ongoing campaigns. To manage your workload even better, you should not take on extra projects when you are already swamped with the projects described above. 

That’s All!

Working to earn a side income is extraordinary, and as long as you are satisfied and can organize your schedule, it is tempting too. It is always great to have a side gig along with the full-time work you do so that later on, you can also change your main sphere of work. It widens the horizon of your choices and gives you a susceptibility to comprehend and explore your talent. Freelancing is an apt career option, emerging as a professional saviour for many digital vagabonds. It is becoming the bread and butter of many corporate worlds that want to unveil an untried area and begin a new venture to earn more. You can also try freelancing and set huge parameters for your development. It is easy, to begin with, and you can start it as a side gig conveniently.

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