How To Get Into A Bulge Bracket Like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley From A Non-Target


Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley are a few of the biggest names in the investment banking domain. Most finance students in the country aspire to be a part of these firms in the course of their careers. This dream becomes a bit farfetched when the candidate hails from a school that is regarded as a non-target one.

Yes, it is quite true that these names have a slight inclination towards candidates from target schools. After all, these candidates have cleared some of the toughest exams and competitions in the country. So they have established themselves as being the best and the brightest in their respective segments. Having said that, it is not true that the mentioned finance industry giants do not hire candidates from non-target schools.

Applicants from non-target schools that want a seat at these institutions need to put extra effort into learning and add flair to their candidature. Seekho is a community that aspires to enhance the learning curve of all interested candidates. The same is done through guidance and mentorship of industry experts, and the right exposure is provided to nurture and upskill the talent the right way.

Getting Into a Bulge Bracket: Checklist for Students from a Non-Target


Preparation is all that matters for the investment banking domain. Bankers do not like to waste their time beating around the bush when it comes to interviews. Do not go into investment banking because it looks fancy. Go to investment banking because you want to work as an investment banker.

Suppose the recruiter asks you about the impact of the Russia and Ukraine war on crude oil prices. In that case, you should be able to relate the impact of geopolitical factors on oil prices and how Russia is quite important when it comes to the supply of oil in European nations and the world.

Interview questions in investment banking roles in firms like Goldman Sachs are typically point-blank and practical. You need to develop an aptitude for understanding economic factors and their logical comprehension.


When preparation proves to be this vital in getting the roles with these firms, it is essential to obtain exposure with the people working in the domain. The only way to do so is through networking, either by utilizing social media, references, or a learning community.

A correct exposure might help you to understand the approach you should have when going for an interview with these firms. Additionally, you may also learn how to look at various events around the globe and relate to their impact on different economies.

The proper exposure may just introduce you to the economic calendar that details the occurrence of various economic events across the globe. An observant candidate may be able to judge the impact of the same in an actual sense.


Target and non-target school candidates typically differ in this aspect a lot. Non-target school candidates should realize that when an investment bank like this gives them an opportunity for an interview, they are likely looking for a suitable candidate irrespective of school.

So, when you are asked to interview for a role at these investment banks, present yourself with confidence and demonstrate your knowledge in the best and most effective way you can.


If you want to be an investment banker working with the industry giants, there is no second alternative to knowledge. It is an absolute necessity. Being a non-target school student does not mean you are lacking in expertise; you only need to learn how to apply the same to real-world applications.

Practically, this means you should have opinions and be prepared to defend them. If you’re going to an M&A interview, you should know all there is to know about valuation procedures and which one you believe is the best and why. If you’re heading to a trade interview, you’ll need to be prepared to defend your viewpoint on market direction.


So, you want to get into Goldman Sachs and other multinational financial firms, but there remains the fact that you may not be able to land a job there. Even if you land a job in these giants, you may not get the roles of division you were hoping for.

If you miss these names, there are still plenty of options where you can get the initial experience and eventually reach the desired company. And in the case of different divisions, the same can happen with both target and non-target school students.

These companies do not have all the divisions in all the countries. Thus, you need to start building your bases, and eventually, you may be able to reach the desired role.

Investment banking is among the top five career choices of finance stream candidates. Undoubtedly, the competition in landing a great job in this segment is highly competitive. To nurture your knowledge, learn proper techniques, and upskill yourself, you need the guidance and mentorship of seasoned experts in the field. When industry experts guide you through the process of developing proper skills and techniques, you substantially increase your chances of landing a highly competitive job.


Non-target students should begin by reading investment banking interview questions at various sites and attempting to join an internship or project to get a better grasp of the field. These days, various certifications can help you enhance your candidature. Seekho offers over 1000 live classes taught by industry leaders.

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