Product management is a popular choice of career among candidates these days. The position of a product manager is among the most lucrative job opportunities these days, and giants like Meta, Amazon, and Google often post job openings for the product manager position. These firms receive a high volume of applications from candidates for each opening.

When the applicants are so many, a candidate must stand out in presenting his candidature. The same is put forth to the recruiters through your resume. Here we will discuss what you can do to give your resume a higher chance of being shortlisted.

Let us understand the different titles of product managers to understand who is a product manager.

Tech Product Manager: Technical Product Manager is one of the most straightforward job titles. They are similar to regular PMs, except that they have a strong technological background.

Data Product Manager: Data administration and analysis is the core function of a Data PM. They may collaborate more closely with data scientists or in a small startup with a limited workforce.

Product Manager Marketing: This guy will likely spend less time with the tech team, working out issues and roadmaps, because they are less involved in developing the product. A PMM’s day-to-day responsibilities normally include case studies, online content, press briefings, product testing, and managing the marketing team.

Growth Product managers: They have only been on the rise in recent years, and their numbers are only increasing! They are more concerned with enhancing a certain business measure than with a product’s life.

Step by Step Preparation of a Product Manager Resume:

Alignment of resume to the Job requirement

Each job description and company has a specific requirement. Sometimes these requirements may be portrayed using some specific keywords. One may have the necessary skills but miss the shortlisting of CVs because these keywords are not imbibed in the resume.

Additionally, one must carefully examine job requirements to determine the type of product manager the company is seeking. Some companies require a specific type, while others may look for a candidate who can do everything.

Align your resume with the job description using similar keywords and point out the achievements and projects of a similar nature with greater emphasis. Take a few courses and projects to make your resume more attractive.

The Resume Format and Design

A resume should be designed appropriately to convey the maximum possible information about your job-related skills and experience. Recruiters should find the CV design easy enough to scan through the document quickly.

Another popular question regarding resumes is the number of pages. A resume should be made in a concise format. An experienced product manager may have relevant experience, so even a two-page resume is perfectly fine.


A resume should contain a clear headline, which makes it easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to come to the desired section quickly. These headlines are commonly incorporated into all resumes:

  • Personal Information – Clear and concise information
  • Academics – Small table format. One-liner for additional professional Certifications
  • Professional Experience – An experience detailing your expertise as a Product Manager and alignment of the same with the opportunity applying for is an absolute necessity.
  • Achievements – A tangibility while writing achievements goes a long way. So instead of writing launched a tech specification for the product. The addition of how successful the launch was in terms of the desired result can help. Also, quantification of the success makes the achievements much more impactful.
  • Skills – Highlight the essential skills. 

There can be changes in the terms mentioned above, but generally, all resumes should have this information mandatorily. The formatting is done to stress the specifications asked in the job descriptions, so it becomes easy for the recruiter to identify the necessary details quickly.

Additional Suggestions:

  • Select a font style that appears professional:
  • All the information should be in black and white.
  • The ideal font size is between 10-12.
  • Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, and Calibri look professionally apt.
  • Always convert your resume into PDF form.
  • Do not write paragraphs in your CV. Always stick to bulleted points.
  • The formatting should be consistent and should look nice in the print preview.
  • A proportion of the white portion should be used so that the resume does not look cramped up.
  • If you don’t start with an elevator pitch, the company’s leadership will overlook a lot of your résumé. That’s merely a one-paragraph resume introduction that skims over all of your resume’s highlights.
  • Including references increases the reliability of the presented information.
  • Do not make your resume colorful.
  • Do not choose a different font just to make your resume stand out. It may have an adverse effect as well.

Real Product Manager resume:


This resume helped the person land a job at Google as an Associate Product Manager.


This is a resume of a fresher. You can see how impactful this CV has become with the addition of the relevant projects. These projects not only enhance the resume’s efficiency but also demonstrate the person’s interest in the job he has applied for.

Additionally, it can also be noted that all the aspects of the resume are easily visible with the right moderation of empty white spaces.


A seasoned professional with ample experience, including Tesla in the work experience:


Even for an experienced professional, you can note how all the information is neatly presented in designated areas without having to put too much information in.

All the aspects of the resume mentioned above are followed as well.


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