What is Affiliate marketing?

Let me guess, you heard someone on Instagram mention affiliate marketing as a means to solve all your problems, and you hopped on here to find what it is. Well, let me help you 

Working anytime, from anywhere in the dream condition for the victims of today’s 9-5 white-collar jobs and that is precisely what affiliate marketing offers you.

 Affiliate marketing is a popular technique to drive sales and generate a very significant online revenue. This has proven to be extremely beneficial to both the brands and also affiliate marketers. This new revolution in the marketing industry has paid off very well.

81% of brands and 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing, a statistic that will continue to increase as affiliate marketing spending rises every year. Now that’s a plethora of opportunities.

So the next obvious question is how does it work?

Well in simple words, you find a product that you like, promote it and earn a commission for your contribution to the sales. This can be done through influencers, bloggers, microsites, email lists, and even websites.

Another question is how do we get paid?

Well, that can differ based on your employer but the most common ones are-

1.      Pay per sale

2.      Pay per lead

3.      Pay per click

Steps to Headstart Affiliate Marketing

We are here to help you a headstart and jump over your competition by giving you these 4 tried and tested steps to headstart your career in affiliate marketing.

Start with what you do best

This career doesn’t happen overnight. You have a certain individual style that your audience expects from you. Our advice would be to start with the kind of content you already make and try to add the brand plug-ins naturally. Also, try to find products to which you and your audience directly relate.

Write Informational Content

The easiest way to truly make yourself more influential to your audience is to genuinely add value to their lives. If your content helps, it will be incentive enough for them to come back for more. Make your content helpful, entertaining and distinct. If your content is strong then commercializing it should be much easier.

Share the content multi-dimensionally

Repurpose your content on multiple social media platforms. Diversify your content and repost your most shared and clicked links. Try to use special keywords as well, so your content is displayed when customers make a web search.

Become data-driven

Analyze your sales data, and try and modify your marketing strategy around what has worked previously, keep in mind what commission rates. The better the rate, the more money you’ll make every time you convince someone to buy the product. 

Keeping these four steps in mind, we wish you all the best on your affiliate marketing journey. For more tips and tricks, check out ……. And stay tuned to SEEKHO app.

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