What is User Story? A user story helps the business to divide its plans to achieve its objectives into performable tasks.

User stories are important since they keep the teams’ focus on the user and how a certain product feature will benefit them. One of the most important parts of a user’s story is to understand from their point of view. Additionally, it helps the teams to manage workflow with both speed and flexibility. Last but not the least, it encourages collaborative, creative thinking. By stating the why but not how they empower designers and engineers to build with the right goal in mind.

There are certainly two parts to this first from the viewpoint of business and another from the viewpoint of individual consumers. Let’s discuss the company’s viewpoint first.

Hence it makes the coding work look easier. It also adds a human factor to the software by taking the base of the customer’s needs and desires from the product. Summing up all this, it is quite evident that stories certainly help the business to appeal to or persuade the potential buyer to choose their product above all others in the market.

But when it comes to individual consumers, user stories are not just something that delivers value to them in an informal and personalised manner but also make the product mould according to what they admire and provides a short and simple description of software which is quite convenient for them.

Many times people filling in some feedback think that it is of no use, but it is one of the most crucial parts, helping Product Managers make personas and ultimately helping companies to build their software accordingly. This is the answer to the most common question – why use user stories?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of great user stories. One most common question is “What are the benefits of breaking down user stories that contain excessive detail, user stories in software engineering, and many more? There are a lot of benefits in showing the user stories from their point of view too. Some of them are that it will help in improvising the flaws, enhancing the benefits while upgrading, and many more.

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