Discussion forums are probably the first forms of social media. The main users of Internet technologies remember newsgroups as special interest groups hosted on the first websites and systems connected to the Internet. These communities have roots in technical topics, but eventually expanded to cover almost every category that appeals to the audience. The Discussion Forum at Seekho allows you to ask your career related doubts from different topics ranging from Finance, Consulting, Product Management, Supply Chain Management and many more. We intend on answering your questions within 48-72 hours ensuring that experienced industry individuals share their thoughts and you get the answers you need in the easiest way possible.

Below are a few questions that have been asked on our website:-

What does an Investment Banker do? How can I work for an Investment Bank in India?

Ans. The role of an Investment Banker usually includes assisting organisations in raising capital through debt, equity and private investment channels. Investment Bankers are key players in the financial growth and development of a business, organisation, or other corporate entity. An investment Banker may be involved in capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, debt and equity services, and but not limited to corporate restructuring.

If you are a student in India, be it from an undergrad or pursuing an MBA, the best way to secure a job at an Investment Bank is through on campus internship and placement drives. Investment Banks are notoriously famous for being highly selective during their hiring processes and the competition is insanely fierce. If you are from a non-target where banks don’t visit on their on campus drives, try to reach out to recruiters and individuals from the same school who are working at places where you see yourself to be a good fit, and express your interest towards joining them. You can also check out our Investment Banking series for more information and insights.

Is it essential to be an engineer if I want to enter the field of Product Management? What are the technical skills needed to become a Product Manager at FAANG?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to have engineering expertise to be a good Product Manager. Product Management combines UX (or customer’s point of view), business acumen and technology. Ideally it is good for you to know a little about all 3, and have a solid grip over one or two of them. Having said that, since Product Managers work closely with the engineering team on a day to day basis, it would be fair to say that an engineering background could prove to be an advantage to them.

Technical know-hows required to become a Product Manager are data analysis which would include a decent background in programming languages Python and/or R. SQL is also widely used in the industry hence it’s good to have a grip over it. Product managers often perform A/B tests by using analytics software like Google Analytics. Being aware about the agile methodology, market research, UI/UX and design abilities come in handy. Other than that, it’s imperative for a Product Manager to prepare a roadmap for the product and a structured thinking with a knowledge of product metrics prove to be essential for them.

I’m 23 and going to start my MBA soon. How can I make the most of an MBA degree? What things should I do at a B-school?

  • On top of all the advice you’ll receive, my first suggestion would be to have as much fun as you can while you’re at university, because probably you won’t experience this “no strings attached freedom” once you start your life post completing the MBA.
  • Tap in and explore varied areas that the school has to offer – cultural activities, competitions, lectures, quizzes etc, making sure you’re genuinely interested about what you’re doing.
  • Don’t be scared if you have no idea what you want to do in your life. A substantial chunk of MBAites are in the process of finding this out themselves, and sometimes, it takes a few years to gauge what their true calling is. It’s not uncommon.
  • Network aggressively. Books told you how the world supposedly works. People tell you how the world actually works. Do not miss out on the real action 🙂

If you too need answers to your career related questions, and are looking for a platform where you could get them answered at the earliest from experienced industry professionals, feel free to drop them on our Discussion Forum.

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