Previously, I’ve discussed the pros and cons of pursuing Psychology courses from India and abroad after the 12th grade. If you’ve decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in India then this article will help you pick the right course option.

Today, I’m going to be discussing the course options you have if you want to do Psychology after the 12th standard in India.

The courses you can choose from come under 4 broad degrees:

BA in Psychology

The first and the most common is BA in Psychology. It is a 3-year undergraduate course dealing with the use of psychological theories and principles.

The only eligibility criteria are having completed your 12th grade There are many great colleges for BA psych in India but we’ll be discussing those in a later video!

BSc. in Psychology

The second option is doing a BSc in psych. Apart from regular psychology subjects like organizational behaviour, experimental psychology, the coursework also includes basic science-oriented subjects like biological psychology, biological basis of behaviour that offers more understanding of human behaviour from a science perspective.

It is a 3-year undergraduate course and for this, you need to have chosen the science stream in your 12th grade.

B.A. (Hons) in Psychology

Your third option is getting a BA Hons in Psychology which you can do by enrolling yourself into a liberal arts course which is a 3-year undergraduate course too! 

Diploma courses in Psychology

Apart from 3-year undergraduate degrees, aspirants can also do a short-term diploma course in psychology and its specializations. You are eligible for getting a diploma in advanced psych, child psychology, counselling psych, etc as long as you’ve completed 12th grade and this is very popular in India.

I hope this article was able to outline the main course choices you have if you are planning on pursuing psych after 12th grade in India.

To learn more about pursuing a career in Psychology check out my video series on the topic

Commonly Asked Questions in Interviews:

  1. How much would you rate yourself as an Effective Communicator?

Communication is considered as the base when it comes to psychology. If you can understand or make people understand then you can call yourself an effective communicator. If you are confident enough to rate yourself with 4 – 4.5 out of 5, then you can proudly say that have good communicating skills and is worth this job position.

  1. What Made you Apply for this Position?

This is also one of the most common interview questions when they need to know more about you or your interest in the field. The answer that you give will make them guess and analyse your interest, time periods like how you will work or how long you will work in the firm or organisation and many more. Your answer should make them know that you have an interest in the field rather than earning money. Also, something like this would also work: Like contributing and helping the society and getting in contact with the person directly.

Tips and Tricks To Pass the Interview:

  1. Since you have just passed out of school, it is important to know some parts in detail before speaking your opinions or thoughts out.
  2. Job interview questions might be hectic, but never worry once you start attending interviews you will be able to learn and get to know more.
  3. When you are asked about your strength and weakness in an interview, try to come out with an expressive answer so that the interviewer gets impressed.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Do let me know which courses you think are best in the comments below

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