Anirudh Arya


Hey Guys, Since most of you are job aspirants or would be giving an interview sooner or later, let’s assume that you have gotten yourselves an interview finally after hours of rigorous practice. You are all set for the interview. It begins with you and the interviewer exchanging pleasantries followed by you introducing yourself. The conversation keeps going and now the interviewer asks “Tell me a time when…” 🧐🧐 What do you do? Even before you listen to the question, you start thinking of short anecdotes that you could use. In no time you figure out that you need to come up with something, or worse, anything!! And that’s when the STAR Approach comes to the rescue! 🌟’ The STAR Interview Technique offers a straightforward format you can use to answer behavioral interview questions. It’s an acronym for- 👉 Situation👉 Task👉 Action👉 Response So, let’s break down that framework. 👉…