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The Indian unicorn, Byju’s, has undertaken a spate of buyouts in the previous year that have helped it enhance its core products. During the Covid-19 epidemic, the Indian ed-tech unicorn used an aggressive acquisition strategy to become the world’s largest firm in the field. One of India’s top digital unicorns, Byju’s, is valued at $22 billion. These purchases include augmented reality firm Whodat in Bengaluru, upskilling platform Great Learning in Singapore and digital reading platform Epic in the United States. According to Tracxn statistics, Byju’s has spent over $2.6 billion on acquisitions in 2011. Most of these partnerships — particularly the big-ticket ones – occurred after the Covid-19 epidemic, which boosted online schooling. Highlights of Byju’s Byju’s, unlike many other learning platforms, has become a one-stop-shop for all afterschool learning needs.They provide tailored education for pupils ranging from kindergarten to job applicants taking competitive tests.Byju’s is also not your usual…