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Recruitment , Selection & Development

schedule 1 Hrs

Understand the basics and Importance of Rrecruitment , Selction and development and how is one different frrom another.

About this Course

Learn Meaning , Importance and difference between commonly confused words in HRM - recruitment and selection. Followed by importance and methods of training and development.

Course Content

Recruitment (Meaning and Sources)

22 Mins

Selection (Meaning, Process and Types of Selection Tests)

24 Mins

Employment Interviews and Recruitment versus Selection

1 Mins

Placement, Induction, Orientation of new/Employees

2 Mins

Employee Retentionand Reasons for Employee Turnover

3 Mins

Training, Development and Differences between the Two

4 Mins

Training and DevelopmentFinding Needs and Designing Programs

5 Mins

Methods of Training and Development (Part-I)

6 Mins

Methods of Training and Development (Part-II)

7 Mins
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