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Prepare for Interviews like never before
InterviewPro is a powerful tool designed to help you excel in job interviews.
Practice AI-powered mock interviews and personalized feedback to enhance your interview skills
InterviewPro - Chrome Plugin - Prepare for Interviews like never before | Product Hunt
Users have interviewed with us
Unique Job Roles have been interviewed
Users Have secured a job
Users have interviewed with us
Unique Job Roles have been interviewed
Users Have secured a job
Ace that interview. Get that 5X salary. Get InterviewPro
✔ Personalized AI interviews
Questions Tailored for your desired job and company.
✔ Practice on real, live Jobs
Turn any LinkedIn job into a mock interview
✔ Real-Life Interview Simulation
Timed and challenging experience
✔ Learn the Perfect Way to Answer
Get in-depth analysis and personalized suggestions for improvement.
✔ AI That Gets You the Job.
Bleeding-edge AI, trained on massive data of real-world interviews
✔ Real job interview training
Prep based on interview data from the top 1000 companies.
Get the Chrome Plugin, on Desktop
Practice on live jobs on leading job platforms, using our chrome plugin for desktop
The word on the street
Abhinash T
Tech Graduate | MBA Candidate
Wow, This Al tool seems game-changing for jobseekers like us. The opportunity to practice unlimited mock interviews and receive detailed feedback is invaluable. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing this phenomenal resource.
Kiran Pitambar Bharambe
Linkedin Branding Strategist
InterviewPro takes interview preparation to the next level. The realistic scenarios and time constraints push individuals to perform their best, fostering growth and success.
Imran Anjum
Entrepreneur | Engineering Manager
Wow, This Al tool for mock interviews sounds like a game-changer. Your feedback on its realism and the improvement it offered is exactly what candidates need in today's competitive market. Can't wait to check out the video and try it myself. Thanks for sharing this amazing resource! • #interviewprep #mockinterviews #aitools
Markandey Sharma
79K+ Fam | AI Enthusiast
The InterviewPro Chrome extension sounds like a valuable tool for enhancing interview skills. With its realistic environment and personalized feedback, it offers a promising opportunity for practice and improvement. Practice indeed plays a significant role in refining our abilities.
Under the Hood: The AI Advantage
Top-tier Large Language Models fuel your interview prep.
Built on real-world interview data from India's top 1000 recruiters.
The more you interact, the smarter your prep gets.
How to Use InterviewPro?
Installing InterviewPro is a breeze – get ready to supercharge your interview preparation in just a few simple steps.
STEP 1: Download and Install
Head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for 'Interview Pro'. Click on 'Add to Chrome' to install the plugin.
️STEP 2: Activate the Plugin
Once installed, you'll see the Interview Pro icon in your Chrome toolbar. Click on it to activate the plugin.
STEP 3: Start Prepping
Navigate to a LinkedIn job page that interests you. Click on the Interview Pro icon again, and your personalized interview prep begins.