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Seekho - Jo Kaam Aaye
Seekho is bold (some say insane) attempt to reinvent India’s broken education system. We grapple with a simple but profound question:
can we build an India where every young Indian feels excited about Mondays? A utopia where every Indian student is living their best life? We think we can. To do this, we’re bringing academia, students, and industry together. Only that alone, it’ll take us longer.
From Aryabhatta to AI: A
Nation’s Transformation
The Past: India 1.0
In the roots of India 1.0, knowledge flowed like the Ganges, a river of wisdom. We gave the world zero, the decimal system, and the art of plastic surgery. We crafted chess, and perfected the practice of Yoga.
We delved deep into the mysteries of Astronomy and Mathematics. This was a land of profound insights… Of inventiveness and intellectual prowess. A time when India led, and the West followed.
The Present: India 2.0
But since then, the winds of progress westward. A factory mindset seeped into the education system, the spark of India 1.0 dimmed. India 2.0 is a nation caught in the rut of rote learning. Every year, India’s 40,000+ colleges manufacture 80 lakh students graduate. Out of these, 60 lakh can’t get a decent job. India’s demographic dividend is slowly becoming a demographic disaster. At Seekho, we recognize this crisis.
The Future: India 3.0
Since 1947, the average Indian has traded today for the promise of a better tomorrow. India’s young students, the Gen-Zs who’ll design tomorrow’s India, can’t wait…won’t wait. India 3.0 is a nation that wants to outgrow Japan and Germany, and be one of the world’s top 3 economies, by 2030. For that, India needs 10 crore highly skilled graduates. That’s our mission.
Bring academia, students, and industry together. Get every Indian student a future that excited them. Bridge India 1.0 and India 3.0. Lend us a hand, as we steer this transformation, one student at a time.
From 2021 to today
Footprints across India
Extended our reach to 17 Indian states. Aspiring to be present in all 28 States and 8 Union territories. After India, we’ll expand across Asia
Good intentions, great team
To empower the youth with tools that help them own their future and maximize their earning potential.
To empower the youth with tools that help them own their future and maximize their earning potential.
Trusted Partnerships
Trusted by 40+ college partners Joined hands with India’s top recruiters A network of 350+ corporate partners
Remarkable Achievements
Celebrating 1 million+ learners on our app 1,00,000+ course credits delivered Served 70,000+ students so far.
Legacy in the making
Covered by India’s top 100 media publications and channels Maintained a 100% placement record, a legacy we aim to keep. Backed by Sequoia and Yuj Ventures
Students, Rise with Seekho
Leap beyond rote learning. Gain real-world experience. Unlock your true potential.
Colleges, Foster Excellence
Prepare your students for success. Build a globally competitive curriculum. Produce job-ready graduates.
Industry Leaders, Guide the Future
Mentor the next generation. Share your wealth of experience. Help shape India's talent pool.
Investors, Amplify Impact
Back a revolutionary education model. Be a part of our growth story. Empower India's future workforce.
Gen Z won’t be stifled anymore. Let’s build an education system befitting India’s youth. A system that’s like the wind beneath their wings.
Our Team