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Product Management Course [Hindi]

schedule 1 Hrs

Product Management is one of the highest-paid jobs today. Check out more about this job here.

About this Course

The modern-day business world is highly competitive. The demand for a new, innovative product with a wow factor is essential for a company's success. The more the product's potential is visible, the easier it is for a company to get a product released in the market. The release of a new product is a result of a lot of hard work, research, testing, and evaluation from the part of a product manager.

Discover more about this trending domain now in Hindi. Enroll and start your learning journey today.

Course Content

Introduction to Product Management.

Markets, Products, & Product Managers

Product-Market Fit | Product Management Basics

Product Roadmap & Prioritisation | Product Management Basics

Writing a Product Requirement Document (PRD) | Product Management Basics

Data & Product Analytics | Product Management Course

Product Pricing Models & Moats | Product Management Course

Product Leadership | Product Management Course

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