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Personal Finance Made Easy

schedule 3 Hrs

Increase your personal wealth by learning from none other than Rachana Ranade.

About this Course

Everyone is talking about wealth creation these days- but how to do it? Where should I invest money? How should I invest money? These are some questions that plague the minds of many people.

This course helps you find answers to your questions. By learning from CA Rachana Ranade, you'll get to know about different ways you can invest your money and how to manage your finances like a pro. This will not only help you become more financially literate but will also help you compound your finances.

Course Content

Financial planning for beginners.

10 Mins

How to save money and become rich?

15 Mins

How to invest and save money?

15 Mins

Financial planning: Emergency funds explained

7 Mins

Planning personal finance

9 Mins

Quiz: Personal finance made easy!

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