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Guide to Technical Analysis!

schedule 5 Hrs

This course is for people who want to learn about Technical Analysis in the world of finance. It will teach you basics of technical analysis and how to use it in your everyday trading.

About this Course

This course is designed to introduce you to technical analysis. You will learn what it is, why it is used by market participants, and why most traders use technical analysis in their trading strategies.

You will also be introduced to charts and graphs and how they are used in technical analysis. Get an understanding of Indicators and Trends Analysis, an important tool, which helps traders make better informed decisions. Lastly, you will learn about Candlestick Patterns.

Course Content

What is Technical Analysis?

7 Mins

Understand the basics

5 Mins

Candle Stick basics

8 Mins

Using Fibonacci retracement ( Part1)

6 Mins

Using Fibonacci retracement (Part 2)

15 Mins

Basics of Technical Analysis

22 Mins

Quiz: Guide to technical analysis

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