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Advance Course on Facebook Marketing

schedule 15 Hrs

In this course, you will learn about how to increase Facebook engagement and explore Facebook marketing. Also, learn how to run a retargeting ad campaign and lower Facebook ad costs while optimizing your Facebook.

About this Course

In this Facebook marketing course, you will learn how to reach more people and better analyze who they could be through Audience Insights. You will also learn how to set up effective Facebook Lead Generation Ad campaigns and optimize them for success. Learn about the most recent Facebook features, such as Video Ads and Facebook Permission-based Targeting, which allow you to be more specific with the consumers to whom you promote your business.

Course Content

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

11 Mins

Ultimate Guide To Facebook Marketplace

22 Mins

Facebook Marketing

30 Mins

Facebook Pixel In 2022

18 Mins

Facebook Ads For Beginners

37 Mins

Facebook Advertising Costs

13 Mins
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