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Ultimate Product Management Course 2022

schedule 4 Hrs

Ultimate Product Management Course 2021 takes you through the essential skills and concepts of product management. It covers all the requisite aspects of product management such as ideation, prioritization, setting up analytics, and building roadmaps

About this Course

Are you a rookie looking to gather the right information to get started with your career in Product Management?

Or are you a product aspirant who follows products ardently but is looking for the right information to take your next step?

Well, you've reached the right place. In this course you'd get insights on:

  • Career growth trajectory
  • Most commonly used framework: HEART
  • Journey of building your product: from user persona to right metrics
  • Live doubt clearing session every Saturday

With this course learn this and more with experienced industry experts in under 4 hours.

Course Content

Different types of Products

There are at least 7 types of products every Product Manager will encounter. They shape the way you plan and deliver your work. Have you seen these?

What is Product Management

Why Product Management

Who is a Product Manager

Different types of PM roles

FAQ - What is the relationship between PM & other departments?

FAQ - Is it easy to switch from Consulting to PM role?

FAQ - Are PM & Brand Manager same ?

FAQ - Is Growth PM role similar to Marketing role?

FAQ - With how much experience can a SDE (Software Development Engineer) transition to a PM role?

Meet Your Instructor



Lead Product Manager - Seekho

Meet Your Instructor



Lead Product Manager - Seekho

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