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Microsoft Power BI Certification Course

schedule 8 Hrs

Power BI is a business intelligence tool that can create dashboards, and reports, and analyze data. The course will teach you how to create these types of visualizations using Microsoft Power BI

About this Course

Power BI is widely used Business Intelligence tool by Microsoft. Thousands of companies use Power BI to analyze their data and make better decisions every day.

This is a comprehensive course designed by expert trainer Pavan Lalwani to help beginners turn into expert Power BI users. Here he teaches you everything from installing the software to publishing sophisticated business dashboards to end users.

The course does not require any prior coding knowledge or any prior knowledge of any tool. 90% of training would be by button clicks.

In this course, you'll learn to

  • Design beautiful reports and dashboards for presentation
  • Get Insights of data in fast and easy way
  • Clean data using Power Query (ETL tool)
  • Visualize data using Power View
  • Work with Advanced cards and Slicers
  • Create Advanced visuals in minutes
  • Create Maps of different countries and regions
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1,499 ₹999

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