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How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

schedule 32 Mins

Learning to think like an entrepreneur enables you to become successful in a variety of roles!

About this Course

Not every person is a natural-born entrepreneur, but there are ways to teach yourself entrepreneurship, to develop many of the entrepreneurial personal traits and to embrace the mindset of the world’s most successful leaders and innovators.

In this Free Course, you learn to develop your talent and personal mindset in a way that will get you one step closer to becoming the entrepreneur that you want to be.

Course Content

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Mindset

How to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Keeping a Positive Attitude for Entrepreneurs

Creative Mindset for Entrepreneurs

Importance of Persuasiveness for Entrepreneurs

Intrinsic Motivation in Entrepreneurs

Learning from Mistakes for Entrepreneurs

20 Tips for Success in a Startup

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