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Behavioral Interview Questions & Answers You Must Know

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In this course, behavioral interview questions are questions that ask you to demonstrate your skills and abilities in a certain way.

About this Course

A behavioral interview follows the same format as a traditional job interview. The difference between the two is in the types of questions asked. The purpose of such an interview is to gain an understanding of your past behavior in order to predict your future performance.

Check out this list of common behavioral interview questions and learn how to reply to each one before that important interview!

Course Content

Tell Me About A Time You Handled A Difficult Situation?

Learn to answer this question in a modest manner.

Tell me about time when you demonstrated leadership skills

There is a misconception that if you’re not a manager, you’re not a leader

Tell me about a time when you failed?

You’re very likely to hear interview questions like, “tell me a time when you failed.”

Describe a time when you disagreed with a team member.

The reason you might be asked this question is to check whether you are a team player and flexible

How Do You Handle Conflict Between Team Members?

Learn how to answer this question with smart example
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