5 Key Takeaways from SeekhoX – Ankur Warikoo

SeekhoX is India’s first platform to connect our community with some of the biggest thought leaders of this country. Through these leaders, we aim to shape Gen-Z’s thoughts and ideologies towards a better life and career.

To commemorate the start of this monumental venture, we were graced by the presence of one of the biggest internet entrepreneurs and mentors of this generation – Ankur Warikoo, who provided us with some supremely valuable insights into life, career, and everything else in between.

That being said, here are 5-key takeaways from Ankur’s time at SeekhoX

#1 Find dissimilar people in your life.

The one thing that Ankur was highly adamant about was how it is necessary to go out of your comfort zone and try out new things that broaden your horizons. 

This extends into our personal life as well. It’s easy for us to find people that have similar tastes as ours and it’s particularly easy to mesh with them.

But according to Ankur, life is a cycle full of learning, and you will never learn new things from people who are just like you. So, find people that ignite your desire to go out of your comfort zone to learn new things in life.

#2 What you’re good at and what makes you happy may not be the same thing.

In our lives, there’s always this one particular thing that we can be good at. It could be a subject, a sport, or anything of the sort. But many a time, we forget to ask ourselves a simple question, “Is the thing that I’m good at, also makes me happy?”

This is the question that Ankur came across in the middle of pursuing his Ph.D. He realised that while Physics was something he was good at, pursuing it did not make him happy at all, which led to him switching his career paths.

That said, it is important to figure out your calling and what truly makes you happy in life.

#3 We don’t ‘deserve’ things in life.

According to Warikoo, whenever we find or accomplish something in life, we shouldn’t consider ourselves as deserving of that thing.

It’s a simple principle, actually – thinking that you deserve something leads to entitlement which, more often than not, affects us negatively.

So, while it is important to be thankful for the things that you have and receive in life, believing that you deserve it may not be for the best.

#4 Build habits over goals.

Nearing the end of his segment with Papa CJ, Warikoo described the story behind the rapid growth of his profile on Instagram.

While there were absolute social media strategies set in stone for the platform, Ankur and his team focused on building habits for the platform – how much to post and how to provide value to the audience. Essentially, he believes that setting goals are not as important as building habits.

So, when you think about it, this principle extends into our general life as well. Try to build general habits over trying to achieve your goals, and it’s most likely that you’ll be golden.

#5 The importance of a mentor.

At the same time, one should also be mindful of who they decide as their mentor figure. Ankur described how having someone within 5-10 years of your age is a lot better than someone older than that.

Ankur also mentioned how having a mentor figure in your life is of utmost importance. They can guide you and keep you on track with your desires and aspirations.

He says this because people close to our age can relate to us a lot better and provide us with the best possible pieces of advice.

This is also one of the reasons why Seekho offers mentors that are capable of best guiding the community as well!

So, these five takeaways were only a few amongst an ocean of great life lessons that we all got to learn through this episode of SeekhoX with Ankur Warikoo. 

That said, if you’re interested in learning more about SeekhoX and this first great part of ours, then head over to our app to learn more!

Check out some clips from the session here.

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