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What is Seekho Select?

Seekho Select is an exclusive membership that gives you access to LIVE learning events powered by industry professionals, mentorship, and a community that supports each other's career goals. Being a member of the community can give you exciting opportunities to connect to like-minded people, interact with industry mentors, and attend exciting events.


Is this a lifetime membership?

No, this is a subscription-based membership similar to a Hotstar or Netflix subscription. 

We have multiple plans available starting at just 249/- per month to Platinum Membership for 999/- annually. As subscribers, you get access to Live Online learning sessions with industry experts, an exclusive community of like-minded professionals and a lot more. 

You can also choose to become a Free member and browse our extensive library of free videos and free events. 


How do I join the community?

Becoming a Seekho Select member is a breeze. Choose from our wide range of Academies like Consulting, Product Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship  Choose a plan that meets your needs and click on the Subscribe button to become a Seekho Select Membership Plan from our website. 

Once you've completed the payment, you can use your registered Email ID/Mobile number to log in to our Seekho website. All your subscription details will reflect in your account. To join our community groups, navigate to your Select Academy page, scroll down a bit and you will find the link to join WhatsApp Community.  


What will I get after the subscription?

As a Seekho Select member, this is what we have in store for you 

  • Curated Live Sessions with industry experts! Learn what it takes from people who've been there and done that.
  • Access to an exclusive online community: meet folks just like you and help each other grow
  • Exciting case studies, challenges & activities to apply what you learned
  • Resources to help you, to up your game: case books, cheat sheets, or more
  • Entry to an exclusive Talent Board and get noticed by 500+ top recruiting partners 
  • Virtual meetups with like-minded folks 

What is SeekhoX?

This is a platform where we speak to thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders of today about their journey with regards to education, career, money, and more. We seek their advice and insights on how freshers like you can go out in the world and succeed in your own careers and fulfil your dreams. You can visit SeekhoX to watch past and upcoming events.


Is this a course?

No this is a community membership which includes much more than just courses.


What if I miss a live session?

You'll be missing a whole lot of fun and learning! But there's nothing to worry about. We got you covered by giving you a recording of the class once it's over. However, recordings are made available only 48 hours after the session, so we strongly recommend you to attend the classes to get the maximum benefits out of the program.


Will I get a certificate?

Our endeavour is to provide you with the right learning and networking opportunities with your fellow peers and industry professionals to help you build a great career. As such, there is no certificate for being a member of Seekho Select. 

However, from time to time, there will be some live and recorded courses offered as part of the program which you can attend and gain a certification. 


Will I get access to job opportunities?

Seekho provides access to Talent Board with 500+ top recruiting firms offering internships and job opportunities in domains ranging from Finance, Consulting, Product Management, Digital Marketing, etc. You can visit Seekho's curated Jobs and Internships by clicking on this link:

There will be some job listings that will be available only after you have subscribed.


What happens next once I fill the registration fee?

You will receive a payment confirmation from our payment partner(Razorpay/PayU) after which an onboarding email with all the details will be shared with you within 24-48 working hours of your registration. 


In case you do not receive an email within the above time frame, please login to our Seekho website using your registered email id or mobile number and access your account. Click on the "Get Started" button on top right of the screen to login. 


You will also be invited to an Orientation Session with our Customer Success Teams to help you with the onboarding process.


Does Seekho offer any discounts or scholarships?

The Seekho Select Membership is already at a discounted price for early joiners. However, you can earn Karma Points by referring your friends or family members and use them as a discount for your next purchase. 


What kind of payment methods are accepted?

We accept all online payments. There are various payment options like debit/credit cards, UPI, netbanking, and more. However, we do not accept any kind of payment through cash or cheque. You can notify us of any such activities at or drop a WhatsApp message at +918373912606. 

What else do I need apart from a laptop?

Motivation to Learn and Grow and a stable Internet connection.

Can’t I find the content online for free?

You can find a plethora of content online for free but Seekho provides you the best learning path, guide, and industry mentorship to achieve your career goals.

How much time will I need to invest to get the best out of the community?

We recommend you to spend at least 2-3 hours per week to fully understand the concepts taught under your subscription plan. This includes attending live events, reading the free resources, engaging with the community, etc. 

What are the transfer and refund policies for seekho select?

Please check below points before requesting a transfer or refund:

  • No questions asked policy for transfer or refund if the request is made within 48 hours of subscription purchase. 
  • Domain change & refund requests will only be considered in exceptional cases and only for those plans wherein the validity of membership is above 3 months. No transfer or Refund will be made if the subscription plan is valid for a month only. 

Cases under which a refund or transfer is denied:

  1. A significant portion of the subscription has been consumed or downloaded by a student before the refund or transfer was requested.
  2. More than 1 refund/transfer has been requested by the student. 
  3. Users who have their account reported, banned or course access disabled due to a violation of our Terms or Trust & Safety Guidelines. 

Please check our Terms and Conditions here

I did not receive any mail after Subscription? What should I do?

Don't worry or Panic! First check whether you added the right email address while signing up! 

Then, check your SPAM folder. Sometimes, the email lands up there. If you find our mails there, remember to mark those mails as Not Spam and add us to your contacts! 

If you don't get any mail in 24 hours, then please reach out to us as 

Irrespective, we would recommend you to log in to our Seekho Website using your registered email id or mobile number and check if you can access the membership. If there is no technical error on the website then you should be able to see the dashboard within 24-48 hours of your registration.

What is special about the productivity academy at Seekho?

Productivity academy at Seekho aims to secure a spot at the topmost organisation, with the objectives of increasing overall effectiveness and productivity. This is effective to accomplish specific targets by employing productivity tools in the organisation's structure.

When you choose Seekho select membership, you get access to several pre-recorded lectures and sessions from our team of experts who have been a part of this field for a long time. At the productivity academy at Seekho select membership, you are provided live-case study sessions to analyse your understanding. Seekho's productivity academy also pays special attention to interview prep and provides ample study material to help you prepare. You also get various productive skills to learn from mentors who are willing to share their knowledge with the curious learners through our productivity training courses.

The productivity academy at Seekho encourages the organisation and its management team to participate in the self-identification of objectives and problems. The productivity course from Seekho also helps in designing strategies and plans to improve efficiency. With Seekho select, you also get the chance to attend numerous online events and sessions from business experts that help you grow your skills to help increase efficiency. The aspirants on selecting Seekho select membership courses offer 1:1 mentorship by people who have recently been a part of productivity training. They also guide and support you in case you feel blockage while preparing. Lastly, Seekho also brings to you a focused community of learners who share parallel interests as yourself, giving you a chance to grow together.

What other learning options does Seekho provide?

Seekho's productivity training and productivity courses offer you a convenient way of acquiring knowledge that brings to you a modernised way of learning. Being in the education business, Seekho directs you to numerous firms that are on the lookout for unique minds and teach you the required productivity hacks to sustain and succeed in competitive environments. If you are looking for a platform that lets you learn the ways to improve productivity at your convenience, Seekho is your go-to destination. It offers you the finest learning online to help you satiate your curiosity. Some of our widely chosen courses are digital marketing training, product management training, and consulting training. In digital marketing courses, you are educated about different ways that help you boost sales and gain a positive outcome. When you select product management training from Seekho, you study how to build a product, how to market one, and so much more. With Seekho, you also get access to trending courses along with the support of the finest mentors online.

You can also increase your awareness of financial markets and cryptocurrencies when you choose to learn finance courses online from Seekho. Seekho also provides you with the opportunity to secure well-paying jobs in renowned companies.

Why Choose Seeekho for online training and courses?

Seekho is your go-to destination that imparts knowledge to inquisitive learners. The platform is designed in such a way that the lectures can be provided to everyone to help you study anywhere and anytime. At Seekho, you are given education using appealing means like online videos and quizzes to make the course exciting. The virtual training lessons by Seekho are well-ordered that effectively deliver an appropriate learning environment with the support of the best mentors. 

To survive in a world where there is always room to learn new skills and acquire knowledge, one must be up-to-date and come up with inventive ideas to thrive. Keeping all the things one can achieve from the comfort of their home, Seekho brings you a prospect to polish your skills and diversify your knowledge.

What are the different productivity tools covered by the courses provided by Seekho?

Following are the productivity improvement tools covered in Seekho's courses :

  • Microsoft Excel Certification Course: Excel is a tool that everyone must be familiar as well as comfortable with. Mostly all job profiles require you to maintain excel sheets for vital records and information. Knowing Excel leads to improved performance productivity and efficiency at work.
  • Canva Tips and Tricks: This course will introduce you to multiple shortcuts on Canva, will help you acquire free elements and gradient backgrounds, and also enable you to redo, undo and copy canva designs. This tool will assist you in creating indulging presentations and designs.
  • Microsoft bI Certification course: Many companies use this tool to carry out data analysis and improve the productivity of organisational decision making. This course will introduce you to various tables, matrices, charts, cards and filters that can be used on Microsoft power BI. 

Apart from these courses, Seekho Productivity tools courses will teach you how to create and manage discord servers like a Pro, teach you to develop websites and master excel shortcut keys.