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"Seekho is one of the best platform for development of life and technical skills. It not only consists of rich community of people but also industry leaders mentoring you 24*7 along with providing webinar and sessions. This is also the most economical community and best I ever found. ”

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Amanpreet Kaur

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Financial Analyst

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Financial Analyst Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst

Peeyush Vardhan

Financial Analyst Financial Analyst Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst

Prateek Dudeja

Financial Analyst Financial Analyst Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst

Pushpak Teja

Financial Analyst Financial Analyst Financial Analyst
Financial Analyst

Rahul Agarwal

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Financial Analyst

Rahul Sachdeva

Financial Analyst Financial Analyst Financial Analyst
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Seekho Helps You Supercharge Your Career.

As an e-learning platform, Seekho has a lot to offer young professionals in terms of the online academy, CV-building, expert knowledge, and a fun learning environment through its diverse learning courses. We have compiled a list of the best job-oriented courses from our online academy for those who are interested in product management and marketing. Experts from a variety of disciplines will educate you on how to create leads and complete transactions in our online learning courses.

Seekho is a top learning website that believes in the exchange of information via interaction, which is why our finance, marketing, and other courses on the learning website will be of interest to you. If you want consulting help, we have some of the best industry specialists to give you essential practical advice as we are one of the best e-learning platforms online. With our excellent recruitment program, which makes us the best online education website in India, you may obtain credentials and receive exposure to the greatest consulting firms in the country.

Check out our Career Mentorship website for videos on the skills you'll need to build for your desired job, as well as advice on how to establish an impressive LinkedIn profile. Because Seekho's slogan is "Keep the Innovation Coming," we provide discussions through online education that anybody may initiate and participate in otherwise! Through these chats on our online course websites, you may ask questions, share your experience, and meet like-minded people and possibilities. Participate in our online learning platform and workshops to get insights into a wide range of exciting topics such as digital marketing, SEO, financial independence, and many more.

Seekho Changing Learning For Better

Seekho is an online learning platform and the best online course website for the brightest young people, mentors, and financial institutions. We provide a comprehensive and well-researched video learning platform on every current financial subject, whether it is banking, academics, capital markets, leverage, debit, credit, or investment.

Enrol in our continuing courses online available at our online learning website and become a part of our learning community to learn about Cryptocurrencies, Fundamental Analysis, Economics 101, and financial modelling. These mandatory courses lay the groundwork for future financial education. We not only give courses and experience from top finance mentors, but we also present you with some excellent opportunities as soon as you land on our platform, and that makes us one of the most relevant and engaging online learning websites in India.

After earning a financial certification, you will be able to locate accounting and finance work in reputed organisations, thus strengthening your CV. If you check out our online courses website in India, you may also view our pre-recorded digital marketing course, which is both affordable and educational.

By participating in our interesting and enjoyable quizzes and challenges, you may refine your skills in all areas to achieve greatness. After earning your financial certification, use our list of investment banking jobs for freshers to break into the corporate sector.

What Courses Are Available on Seekho?

Seekho offers you a variety of genres to choose from. You've come to the right place if you want to learn. We connect individuals through knowledge as a global destination for online learning. With knowledge curated from the top industry experts, Seekho offers industry-relevant education through live classes, interactive 1:1 sessions, and discussion forums. Explore through our different academies like Product Management, Finance, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, Personal Development, HR Management, and Analytics & Data Science.

  • Product Management - Successfully enhancing or launching a product is no easy feat and can take effective planning and the right skillset to execute an efficient strategy. Effective product management helps in understanding the customer to develop and enhance the product in a way that can appeal to them. A product management course can kickstart your career by giving you all the in-depth knowledge to expertly conduct product management in the professional arena. Seekho's product management courses take you right from the basics, right up to the nitty-gritties of the field. They help you understand all the fundamentals of the field while building upon your existing skills so you can form a firm base in product management. It has all the relevant series that can help you kickstart your product management career and become an expert in the field. Through this online platform, you can learn from different mentors about the basics and advanced concepts and know more about the flourishing opportunities that you can benefit from. You can learn about Who is a Product Manager? —learn exactly what it is to be a product manager and test your waters with Product Manager Roles and Responsibilities , an effective career guide for associate product managers. You can also take a deeper dive into product management with courses curated to get more knowledge to help you. Learn about Design Thinking and resources that can help you learn design thinking, user research, product experimentation, and more. Join the product management course at Seekho and get certifications that can help you start your career as a product manager with all the relevant skills and knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Finance - Finance rests at the core of decision-making no matter which field you work in. An understanding of the fundamentals can help you both in personal finance and in your professional arena. Seekho's online finance courses help you kickstart your knowledge of finances by covering a range of topics in this academy. From exploring a Career in Finance to gaining knowledge about Investing in Stock Market and cryptocurrency, you can efficiently excel in your skills in the field. Browse through the different series available in this domain and take a deeper dive into the world of finance through simple and comprehensive courses available at your fingertips
  • Digital Marketing Technology constantly advances, and with it comes the whole portal of the ever-expansive internet. This hurls us into the world of digital marketing, which has a powerful impact on the promotion of different products and services. Digital marketing strategies are not only effective in attracting more consumers, but they also work well to improve their appeal as well as interactions with them. Seekho offers online digital marketing courses to help you get a good grasp of the different aspects of digital marketing. Learn all the different skills required to excel in this field, from the basics like Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Introduction to Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to successfully adapt your business to the online world.
  • Consulting Consulting as a career opportunity has evolved greatly and is quite in demand right now. Not only does it promise great scope within the field, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn about different industries. Seekho’s consulting courses help you take a deeper dive into this field and help you get an understanding of it. They cover a range of topics such as Consulting as Career Option, How To Get Into Consulting? and Cracking Consulting Case Interview that can help you get more details and navigate through this career field. Explore through the different domain series available in this category and get started on your journey today.
  • Entrepreneurship For those who love to work under their own rules, entrepreneurship makes a great career. It’s a field that teaches you a lot of skills that help in sharpening problem-solving skills, creativity, and communication skills that are an essential part of our lives. Through Seekho’s entrepreneurship courses, you can get a deeper understanding of this career through experiential learning from experts. They cover topics such as Important Startup Terms that one should be familiar with, a Guide To Startup Funds as well as How to Successfully Pitch a Business Idea? That helps you establish foundational knowledge for your ideas and build on them with effective tips from experts.
  • Supply Chain Management Seekho’s supply chain management courses help you delve into the basics and then take it up a notch with insightful knowledge that can be used to boost your skills needed for the field. The jobs in this field have increased and there is an evolving chance that makes a career in this field look bright. Seekho offers a series of different courses in this domain, such as Supply Chain Management 101 that scratches at the basics to give you an understanding of the field, SCM & Logistics Career FAQ to solve your queries about the field, and SCM Functions for in-depth knowledge about its workings.
  • Personal Development Personal development is essential not only when it comes to schooling but also when you enter the professional world. It’s something that needs to be constantly enhanced and helps you sharpen a plethora of skills that are essential for us in our daily lives. Seekho offers personal development courses right from career counseling, communication skills, public speaking, and presentation skills to behavioural, leadership, and soft skills all of which are vital for us. Explore through the different courses like Communicating Like A Pro, 7Cs of Business Communication, and Acing of Public Speaking and enhance your personal development effectively with Seekho
  • HR Management Human Resources might be a field that has gained a lot of significant attention and plays an important role in any company’s functioning. The responsibilities in HR Management are dynamic and it’s an effective body to help build rapport among the members of the organisation. Seekho’s HR management courses give you insight from top experts who have experience in the field. You can get in-depth knowledge about Building a Career in HR Management , and the basics of the field with Introduction to HR Management and Human Resource Planning . Explore through the different categories under the HR Management course and build your skillset for this career with Seekho
  • Analytics & Data Science Data is an important element in any organization and is especially important when it comes to strategizing and making decisions to optimise the customer experience. There’s a wide scope in this field with a lot of knowledge that one can learn before starting their journey. Data science courses at Seekho help you prepare before you enter the field and begin your career with the help of knowledge from professionals. You can get an understanding of the field through a course on Career in Data Science and more insightful knowledge on topics such as Advance Machine Learning Concepts and Full Course on Power BI through Seekho.

What Are the Benefits of Learning With Seekho?

Seekho’s online academy is the finest among online e-learning platforms for young minds since we present facts and knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. We wish to connect the three pillars of any large company: the young talent or learner, the mentor, and the company that hires them. Through our online learning websites, we provide a venue for the most knowledgeable industry leaders to share their knowledge and skills with young individuals preparing to enter the corporate world. Join our platform to acquire online education and obtain amazing job offers from reputable companies, as well as an opportunity to build your resume.

What Makes Us Different?

Seekho is an online learning platform that helps you redefine your learning experience completely. Seekho makes online learning an easy process through free, engaging videos that are a minute long and can be watched at your own pace. Each academy has its own series that covers all the significant domains of the academy, giving you the basics and taking you right to the top. With expert knowledge from top industry gurus, Seekho aims to give you a good learning experience that can help you boost your personal and professional development through its expansive online course websites. Explore the different academies and kickstart your career with the help of different learning formats, workshops, discussions, and more.

Is There Anything Else Seekho Can Offer?

Seekho is an online academy that is here to help you accelerate your career in your desired domain. You can undertake a personalised journey through the different courses and enhance your portfolio with the help of workshops and live classes. Apart from educational content, Seekho also has a plethora of other products and services that can prove to be beneficial for any curious learner or job aspirant. From helpful tips to crack interviews, career guidance, quizzes, and discussions to help you gauge more knowledge and solve your queries, and SeekhoX to get insight from leading professionals, there are a lot of different things for you to explore.

Jobs & Internships

Seekho's job portal helps you get specially curated Jobs and Internships Opportunities from top companies and startups in different domains. Get access to the best jobs and internships in industry-specific domains that can help boost your career. You can browse through your desired domains and filter them according to your preferences to get a list of jobs and get the best-suited jobs and internships to enhance your resume. You can explore opportunities from companies like Mastercard, American Express, Vmock, and many more.


Seekho's engaging online quiz online is available in all the different domains that help you gauge your understanding and get more knowledge in the relevant field. From personal development, general knowledge, digital marketing, and finance, select from the top categories of short quizzes. These short, time-bound quizzes help you improve your knowledge while giving you an idea of which topics need more attention. Test your knowledge and aptitude with Seekho’s exciting daily quizzes and make learning even more fun than before.

Seekho X

Learning through the experience of top professionals can help freshers get significant insights to succeed in achieving their dreams. Seekho X is an event that helps freshers seek advice and insight for navigating through their chosen industries and fulfilling their dreams. It is a platform where we talk to thought and industry leaders, and entrepreneurs for advice on topics like career, education, money, etc. to help freshers go about their world. It’s a dynamic platform for the youth to interact with key public figures and get inspired to fulfil their dreams.


Seekho's discussion forum is a place that allows you to discuss industry-specific concerns and queries online that you may have online. This forum helps you connect with other people from your domain who have experience in the field, helping you grow and learn along the way. Create a discussion based on any question you may have and have it answered by people in the field. This online discussion is here to help you learn and grow by asking all of your questions. Engage in conversation with other peers and have meaningful discussions, from answering questions within your domain to getting insight about relevant topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Seekho courses free to learn?
  2. Seekho is an online learning platform offering courses from top industry professionals. Seekho has a wide range of courses, the majority of which are free for you to explore and learn from. They are available in different academies like Product Management, Digital Marketing, Finance, etc. These courses are self-paced so you can learn and upskill without any hassles.

  3. Can I join Seekho for free?
  4. Seekho’s platform is open for everyone to access, with one-minute videos available in different categories. It is an online learning website that has a variety of free courses for you to choose from. You can join at no cost and browse through the available courses, most of which are free.

  5. What is Seekho Select Membership?
  6. Seekho select membership helps you connect with product managers from top companies. With this membership, along with the different courses, you get to have live access to 200+ hours of workshops, 750+ hours of recorded courses that can be watched at anytime, industry certifications that help enhance your resume, and a community to network with. Select membership starts just at Rs 99/-

  7. How can Seekho help me in growing my career?
  8. Seekho has different learning formats that give you knowledge from professionals who are leading in their industries. Through their experiences, stories, and advice, you can inculcate the skills to accelerate your career. It’s an online learning platform that helps you accelerate and grow, your career through handpicked opportunities. With different services like discussions, quizzes, workshops, and Seekho X, you can explore and learn all along the way.

  9. What are the best online courses available at Seekho?
  10. Seekho has a variety of online learning courses from different domains for you to learn from. Some of the best courses available at Seekho through leading industry professionals are from categories like Product Management, Digital Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, HR Management Consulting, Supply Chain Management, Personal Development, and Analytics & Data Science.