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Overview of New Product Development

schedule 1 Hrs

New product development is a cross-functional activity. It involves people from many different groups across your business. This module walks you through different elements of new product development process

About this Course

The new product development process is a systematic guide for all budding businesses and entrepreneurs that will help them come up with a customer-oriented, high-quality product that has the best chance of doing well in the highly competitive markets. In an attempt to explain new product development process, many market experts believe that there exist 6 or 7

stages of new product development process. This number however can vary based on how detailed the process is from

one example to another.

Course Content

Idea Generation

11 Mins

Idea Screening

15 Mins

Concept Development and Testing

16 Mins

Quiz: Overview of New Product Development

Once you have successfully completed the course on Overview of New Product Development. Access your learning through this quiz curated specially for New Product Development.

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