Are you looking for an APM role and want to know how much you can expect to earn? Wanted to know how much your peers are getting? Look no further! This blog will look at the average salaries for different APM roles and what you can expect.

Product management can have broadly diverse definitions depending on what type of product or service is offered by startups or MNCs. SaaS industries, for example, have introduced cloud-based products and services that require an entirely different set of skills. The average APM salary in this industry today can be vastly different depending on the type of company one works for or their level of experience.

Multiple companies aim to get scrum-based APMs. However, many others are more open. APM jobs include data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, systems engineers, product designers, and product analysts. Today’s associate product managers are in requirement of more knowledge, skills, and experience if they wish to come even close to the impressive compensation growth statistics of the senior level.

What does an APM do?

They work with engineering, project, and technical product managers to develop strategies to enhance productivity. Therefore, APMs require an advanced understanding of product strategy, product allocation,  business development, production procedures, and software engineering in some cases. 

Associate product managers maintain and oversee a company’s processes that are associated with its products. They have to make sure the processes are in place and functioning correctly. 

Associate product managers collaborate with the other product teams to ensure their products are on track. They also propose new features or improvements that can help improve a current product. Additionally, associate product managers must make sure the appropriate processes are in place for how products are implemented.

A product manager takes on a huge responsibility. One not just has to keep a close eye on the market but also take care of all client-related tasks and make sure customer service is adequate at any given time. Also, the product manager ensures his/her brand stays loyal to its existing customers and that the users’ experience with the products is optimal regardless of whether or not there are technical issues to be resolved.

Hiring an associate product manager is complex, to say the least because these individuals should possess not only leadership skills and good communication qualities but also excellent multitasking abilities and problem-solving skills. Because of these extreme requirements, HR managers usually go above and beyond when trying to hire someone for an APM or PM position in their company.

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APM salaries worldwide

Product managers can earn a lot of money in technology companies’ product development departments in the US, particularly around the San Francisco area known as Silicon Valley. A few companies pay millions of US dollars to product managers. These tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Uber typically require much more than good communication skills. These companies tend to value creativity as they are willing to take risks investing their time and valuable resources into innovative ways of getting people hooked on their products or services non-stop.

According to research, on average, an associate product manager can make anywhere from $46-48 per hour straight out of college. It is worth noting that the total number of associate product managers in the US is estimated to be about 250,000. However, the low number may be due to companies using alternative job titles like Product Manager.

APM salaries based on company size

The following table lists the range of salaries of those working as associate product managers across various different company sizes: 

EmployeesSalary Range


APM salaries are based on years of experience

The following table lists the range of salaries of those working as an associate product manager with various years of experience: 

ExperienceSalary Range


APM Salaries in India

Years of Work Experience AMedian Base Salary (INR Lakhs)Lower Limit (INR Lakhs)Upper Limit (INR Lakhs)Median Estimated Salary Including Other Salary Components (INR Lakhs)No. of Responses
1-5 Years13.605.0026.0015.002,226
15+ Years19.008.2038.8020.00113
6-14 Years16.607.0030.0017.501,102
Less Than 1 Year10.003.0023.0011.00778


At the entry level, associates in product management have reported annual median base salaries of ₹10.00 lakhs-₹23.00 lakhs. The latter income figure reflects top-tier MBA grads or top-tier engineering/non-engineering graduates.

The top-5 companies that offer the highest median salaries across India for product management jobs are Flipkart, Amazon, Microsoft, PayTM, and Oyo Rooms. These companies are well known for hiring staff from India’s top business schools. In these organisations, a product manager can earn anywhere between ₹30 lakhs to ₹40 lakhs per annum, and their 

base salary ranges from ₹12.00 lakhs to ₹16.00 lakhs annually. 


We have seen a significant variation in the average salary of an APM across the industry. Many factors influence the average salary of an APM, including the company size, company location, and the specific role that the APM is playing at the company. On average, the salary of an APM can range from $60k-$150k, and the average base salary of an APM is around $81k. If you are looking for a new role in APM, we hope this blog has given you a better idea of what you can expect to earn, and we hope you continue to check out our blog for more posts about APM! To get more insights and the latest updates, Join the Seekho Select Membership to learn Product Management, or download our app today to know more!

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