Watch Top 10 Mentors on Seekho (February 2022)

On Seekho, there’s a massive number of creators crafting content to help you diversify and expand your knowledge and skill set. That said, some of these creators manage to outshine all others every month.

They may be supremely consistent with putting out quality content, or the sheer experience and mastery of their subject matter are enough to win the heart of our growing community. 

Either way, they have managed to hit the peak of our Talentboard – so, let’s have a look at these outstanding creators, shall we?

That’s right – it’s time to look at ten of the best creators on Seekho for the month of February 2022.

10. Piyush Patodia (@piyush-patodia-267628)

Piyush has been absolutely killing it with his series “12 Essential Consulting Techniques and Tools. His crystal-clear, concise analysis of all the nitty-gritty within the Consulting spectrum is definitely one to be on the lookout for if you’re interested in the field.

Not to mention, he’s always ready to help you with questions related to Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Consulting. So, feel free to approach this lovable mentor for any doubts and obstacles within these subjects.

9. Nidhi Lohchab (@nidhi-476985)

Whether you need help developing some delightful soft skills or setting yourself on the most suitable career path, you can be sure that Nidhi would be more than happy to help you out – she’s definitely one of the best mentors to reach out to on Seekho.

I personally recommend checking out her series “Does Job Hopping Affect Career Growth?” as it’s a concise analysis of both the pros and cons of switching companies within a given time frame.

8. Arihant Jain (@arihant-jain-250976)

Arihant Jain is one of Seekho’s best mentors for his knowledge within the fields of Sales, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and, of course, one of our top creators for this month.

His different sets of videos are nothing less than a masterclass in launching your first startup. If you ask me, though, I’d recommend checking out his “Shakespeare’s Lessons for Becoming a Creator” series.

It’s an ingenious and creative perspective that offers a deep dive into an ideal mindset and requisites for a creator. There’s definitely a little something for everyone here if you ask me.

7. Mansi Jawandhiya (@MansiJawandhiya)

Mansi is one of the up-and-coming mentors on Seekho and can teach you some best-in-class Sales techniques with her series, “Sales Forecasting Methods and Techniques.”

While she may be new to the game – don’t underestimate her. Mansi’s clear speech, the form of expression, and just general mastery of her subject matter make her one of the best new mentors to be on the lookout for – make sure to support her growth on Seekho.

6. Shruti Lall (@shruti-lall-500366)

Do you feel a little low on confidence these days? Don’t worry – Shruti is here to help you out with ease. This life coach has mastered the art of being confident.

This mastery is clearly visible through her different series that not only help you gain some confidence points, they also provide you with some of the best tips to succeed in life.

I’d personally recommend checking with her comprehensive “How To Become A Confidence Coach in 2022” to learn what this career path is all about.

5. Vidushi Mehra (@vidushi-mehra-254964)

If you’re doing alright on confidence, but need a bit of help in expressing yourself clearly, then Vidushi is the lady for the job. What makes Vidushi stands out from the rest of our awesome creators on this list is the vast array of subjects that she tends to take on.

She’s like Batman, communication coach by the day, a badass all-around mentor by night. Whether it’s email writing, presentation techniques, storytelling, or anything else, you can bet that Vidushi has or will cover them all.

4. Hrishika Awasthi (@hrishika-awasthi-495635)

Yet another mentor that is on a quest to make you the best leader, communicator, and generally successful – Hrishika is another all-rounder that can help you with anything and everything.

If you want to learn about some personality skills, leadership skills, some key-life lessons, or are just in need of some book recommendations, then make sure to tune in to Hrishika – she’s got everything you need and more.

I’d recommend checking out her “How to make money as a student” series – it’s an awesome comprehensive guide to help you earn pretty early in your professional journey.

3. Ramgopal Sharma

If you were thinking, “Man, there’s just no finance coach for me to check out this month,” then fret not – Ramgopal is here to save the day. 

Ramgopal is one of the best coaches on Seekho, being both a finance and supply chain management geek to help you create a strong foundation in these subject matters with relative ease.

He’s like an old mage that takes you through the magical journey of Finance, like Gandalf, which is to say that he’s an absolute delight to learn from. I recommend checking out the “Valuation: Methods and Approaches” series as it’s an in-depth program to help you understand what Valuation is all about (Spoiler alert – it’s super important).

2. Kriti Singh (@kriti-singh-286194)

Kriti’s Google Analytics Series – ’nuff said.

But really, if Google Analytics and SEO is something that you find yourself interested in, then check Kriti out if you haven’t already – it’s one of the best sets of videos on the subject matter, you certainly won’t regret your time binging through it all.

Other than that, she also provides some tips and tricks on Lead Generation – ensuring that her programs remain versatile and dynamic. So, be sure to follow Kriti for some more enthrallingly insightful subject matters in the future.

1. Ayushi Rawat (@ayushi-rawat-422731)

Ayushi stands far and wide as Seekho’s top creator for the month of February 2022, building an insanely good catalogue of videos that tackles different subject matters, making her profile one of the most versatile and unique out of many others in this month. 

Marketing, sales, consumer study, professional tips, and everything else in between – Ayushi has got it all, a true superhero.

That said, though, if you’re interested in any of these topics, or just want to ask her some questions in general, then be sure to follow her profile. You definitely won’t be disappointed with all the knowledge that she offers.

So, that’s a wrap! These creators have managed to carve their way to the top of the leaderboard with their knowledge, skills, and sheer efforts to provide the very best on this platform.

Not to mention, to all the other creators that couldn’t make their way to this list. Don’t worry and simply say, “Apna time ayega!” You’ll get there – I believe in all of you!

But, to my dear readers, I say, reading this any longer is not going to get you anywhere. So, it’s time to go and check out our platform, its creators, and everything they offer – all the best!

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