The 5 Best Career Development Mobile Applications in 2022

Career apps exist, and figuring out where to go for career advice might feel like a full-time job in and of itself. Filtering the fluff from the informative can be a long and tedious effort, with thousands of career advice apps offering their insights.

But don’t worry: we’ve scoured the internet for the top career development applications so you can obtain the greatest career guidance and make your next career move without wasting time.

Here are the top 5 platforms for career development


Even though we may be biased, Seekho is one of the most comprehensive career applications available. Seekho enables you to up-skill through 1-minute learning videos, quizzes, competitive learning streaks, and much more. With industry professionals and experts from top companies, you get the chance to be mentored by the top 1% and crack your interviews with ease. If you want to succeed in the job market, it’s a must-have application.

There are many ways you can learn on Seekho! Live events, mentorships sessions, quick short videos, video series, and social media communities are all there to help you explore different learning formats and go in-depth. Apart from learning, it also offers exciting Job and Internship opportunities with leading startups.

2. TimesJob

The TimesJob app is very accessible. TimesJob is all you’d expect from a job search app, plus a lot more. It provides information such as its ratings of the companies and employers, current salaries in various industries, and talent benchmarking. It also provides additional information, such as interview tips and company and career recommendations based on the applicant’s profile. It includes thousands of jobs across India and overseas. Users of Android-based mobile handsets will like this app. Registration and job application are both simple. Because premium employers use this app, make sure your CV and profile photo are up to date.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the most popular career-related app. It features a variety of Android and Apple-based apps that cater to a wide range of audiences, including students, job seekers, professionals seeking better prospects anywhere in the world, career advice for new and experienced professionals, and job hunting. In addition, the social media platform is an excellent way to publish articles, and videos and even keep track of your achievements.

You can also learn to Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

4.Glassdoor Job Search App

Are you looking for a new job or just checking to see if the grass is greener somewhere else? The Job Search App from Glassdoor is a must-have. Get insider access to the most recent job listings from firms that are hiring right now, as well as the firm’s reviews, salaries, perks, and office pictures shared by the people who know the firm best – the employees. Search job openings, learn about your earning potential, and see what it’s like to work at thousands of organizations across the world with the world’s most comprehensive career community.


GeeksforGeeks is the must-have application you to excel in your preparation if you’re preparing for an online interview (or offline as well!!) to get into a tech organization, whether it’s a Product-based, Service-based, or even a Startup Company. The app includes over 20,000+ programming questions, 40,000+ articles, and interview experiences from top organizations like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and others.

Meanwhile, the app has a user-friendly UI and a slew of other valuable features like Personalized Feed Based on Your Interests, Article Sharing, Offline Reading, Night Mode, and plenty of other features that will make your preparation process easier and more efficient.

You can learn more about Career Development with Seekho!

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