Product management is one of the most dynamic fields today. It can be a stepping stone to a fulfilling, well-compensated career path for those who love building innovative, tech-enabled, and data-driven solutions and products.

Product managers work at the intersection of engineering, marketing and sales, community managers, user engagement, and communications. To build a competitive edge in the job market, product managers must bring a mix of skills to the table, including leadership, communications skills, and project management.

Pursuing a high-quality product management course can equip aspiring product managers with the proper knowledge and skills. Here’s a rundown of 10 product management courses delivered by industry mavericks:

Ultimate Product Management Course 2022

Product managers need a mix of skills and knowledge bases to perform their jobs with diligence. If you have no prior experience in product management, this product management course provides a comprehensive overview looking to revisit the fundamentals. It helps you understand the potential career trajectory, a commonly used framework called HEART, and exposure to the complete journey of building a product. You also get to attend a doubt-clearing session once a week.

Learn UX/UI Wiring

While product managers don’t need to be UI and UX designers, they must understand their role in building a product. This course exposes the difference between the two and their roles in the product development journey. It also helps a product manager understand important nuances of design.

Get savvy with FIGMA

Product managers must be savvy with Figma, a vector graphics editor, and a primarily web-based prototyping tool. UX and web designers use it because it has a wide range of advanced features that help take a product design to the next level. This product management course helps product managers get exposure to this tool, which, in turn, empowers you to guide designers better when designing the product.

Learn Product Strategy from Uber and Facebook

Uber and Facebook are two of the most innovative products built and are still evolving in their journeys. Besides learning about their product development trajectories, learners will have uniquely curated sessions on their features. The course helps learners push the envelope to understand products and their potential. For example, should Uber Eats be a different app from Uber Rides? You will learn how to pitch a blockchain product and engage around Facebook’s travel features.

You can learn more about the Product Strategy from Uber and Facebook

Skillsets for Product Managers

Product managers must be adept at multiple skills that cannot be learned through traditional education routes. The product management course enables learners to build actionable skills that contemporary product managers need to use every day. These include conflict management, marketing analysis, ROI and break-even point, and leveraging customer validation. You will also learn more about the expectations of a product manager’s job role and the critical decisions they need to make that will impact the outcome of products and their success.

You can learn more about the skillsets for Product Managers

Learn Design Thinking

This design thinking course equips you with an understanding of design thinking, agile and UX mapping methods, and empathy mapping. As many product teams are going in for a hybrid workplace model, you will also learn how to run remote UX workshops. These essential skills help differentiate a product that seems great conceptually and builds a delightful and functional experience that solves users’ problems. Today, design thinking is being studied by all professionals involved in the development of products, including product managers.

Product Design and Development

Product design and development are two essential phases of a product building life cycle. In this course, learners will understand various approaches to the design process. Innovation is critical to product development, as it differentiates itself from existing products by addressing gaps in the user journey. You will get exposure to the process of innovating when using User-Centred Design methodologies. You will learn about the Total Quality Management methodology. You will also become well-versed with the best practices that must be followed when designing new products and services. 

Product Marketing by Industry Mentors

Product managers can also branch into product marketing, an integral part of the product lifecycle. On the other hand, sales and digital marketers could also get into product marketing. The course gives a comprehensive overview of how one can specialize in product marketing. You get exposure to aspects like business-to-business marketing, the fundamentals of product marketing, and product marketing metrics. Another highlight is the module on how to be a candidate in Google’s Build Opportunities for Leadership and Development Program. Delivered by industry stalwarts, you can learn about this function from the best in the business.

Mastering The Art And Science Of Product Marketing

This Mastering The Art And Science Of Product Marketing is another course to consider if your heart lies in product marketing. This course gives aspiring product managers an insight into the nuances of product marketing. You will get exposure to aspects like buyer persona, how to frame messages and position a product, launching a product, and leveraging market and competitive intelligence. Another big draw of this program is the instructor is product marketing influencer Div Manickam. 

The Essential Guide to Conducting User Research

Understanding a user’s needs, wants and aspirations is critical to building a functional, aspirational and scalable product. Product managers continuously monitor how the user’s needs are evolving. This Essential Guide to Conducting User Research course helps aspiring product managers learn the methods and quantitative research techniques to ensure access to accurate, detailed, and data-driven information about users. This enables fine mapping of a customer’s expectations and journey of navigating the product. Additionally, you will discover many diverse quantitative research techniques that can be used to seek consumer feedback, including surveys, interviews, and tests.


Consistently upskilling yourself will help you stay on top of your game in a highly dynamic and competitive field like product management. Your work pays rich dividends as you bring excellence to your role in building highly scalable, superior, and disruptive products.

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