HR interview is an imperative round of any recruitment process and must be taken seriously. Many candidates misunderstand this round and perceive it as a normal formality once the technical round is cleared. You need to understand that if you fail to crack the HR round, you may miss the opportunity of landing your dream job! As the human resource round remains the last, critical, and deciding round for an overall evaluation, a good HR Interview Preparation will thus help you overcome the odds of being rejected.

Significant Features of HR Interview Preparation

With the list of easy tips and tricks, we at Seekho will help you learn the finer nuances of HR Interview Preparation, so that you upskill and ace the human resource (1) round confidently.

Ensure your resume matches the job requirements

The most important aspect of an HR Interview Preparation is to understand the profile (job role), and the company’s requirements, and ensure that the resume highlights your true details. If your skill set matches the requirements of the company, your chances to get the job to amplify. Also, be ready with the answers to possible questions that can be asked based on your resume.

Stay confident

As you face your HR interview, understand that the company needs a candidate like you as much as you need this job. So do not be nervous but rather put your best foot forward! Your body language is of utmost importance: therefore, sit straight in a comfortable posture, do not lean forward or backward, maintain eye contact, smile often, and show your interest during the procedure. Answer the questions in a loud and clear voice (loud enough for the HR professional to hear), and finally maintain a formal tone.

Focus on your communication skills

Among other core parameters, your ability to listen, understand, articulate, and communicate remains of prime importance. Many freshers tend to confuse good communication skills with speaking fluent English with an accent and try to unnecessarily impress the HR manager. Remember, doing so will only cast a negative impression. To showcase your communication skills, you must speak clearly and audibly. All you need to do is be yourself.

Flexibility quotient

The modern workplace is brimming with options and operations. Right from an expansion plan and product development team to deliver an ongoing process, you will be expected to be flexible and a quick learner. The test is how willing you are to learn and upskill your abilities. Do not fret about your educational qualifications or academics; just establish your flexibility and willingness to learn and explore to impress the HR personnel or panel.

Showcase your adaptive abilities 

Work culture differs from company to company. When an HR professional evaluates you, they might be interested in knowing if you would be compatible with their work culture and associated attributes. While you can grasp knowledge about the culture of major corporations or MNCs as you undergo your HR Interview Preparation, preparing for relatively smaller or lesser-known companies is tricky. Therefore, you must do thorough research and prepare well before the HR round. As mentioned earlier, just be who you are: companies do not want over-smart or overly intellectual employees but rather good candidates who are willing to learn and upskill.

Negotiate salary in a pleasant manner

Though the HR round is your chance to showcase your best abilities and bargain for a good CTC, remember not to overdo it. Keep a healthy approach while negotiating the figure you are seeking. Do not forget to establish your willingness to learn, work, and grow with the company.

Quick Tips for the HR Interview Day

So, are you through with your HR Interview Preparation and ready to take up the HR interview? Here are a few precautionary points that you must follow before and during the proceedings: 

  • You know how important this job interview is, so do not be late: ensure you reach before the allotted time.
  • Wear a simple and comfortable outfit. Keep your makeup and accessories minimal.
  • Do not fake any information about yourself, your previous job role and experiences, or other achievements. Just be yourself and do not bluff!
  • Give relevant answers to questions; if you do not know about what’s being asked, accept it rather than makeup irrelevant answers.
  • Don’t sound dull or nervous: try to interact actively with the HR manager (but do not overdo it).

Common questions to expect in an HR interview

The following questions are commonly asked during an HR interview. We hope this guide helps you answer the questions correctly and crack the HR interview:

Tell me about yourself.

When an HR manager asks you this question, they want you to talk so that they can gauge your communication skills. This is the best time for you to highlight your interests, qualifications, and achievements. Refrain from elaborating on the points that are already mentioned in your resume.

Why should we hire you?

Truthfully establish your skills to the HR manager. Tell them how you can be an asset to the organization’s growth and success.

Why do you wish to join us/ our organization/ our company?

This is the time your research work will help! Mention the positive aspects of the company: for instance, their fame and achievements, their growth rate or expansions, behavior towards employees, supportive work culture, and so on.

Will you be able to handle the work pressure?

Here you can cite your previous work experiences. Briefly share a few examples of how you have delivered stellar performances despite being under tremendous pressure or how you have completed work within the set deadlines.

Why are you seeking a job change?

Trickiest of all, this question demands a safe answer. Do not bad-mouth your previous company, criticize its management, or talk negatively about the payment structure. The best answer is that you are looking forward to good growth along with learning new skills.


To carve a great career, cracking the HR interview for your dream job remains significant. We hope that our list of smart tips to crack the HR interview will help both freshers and experienced candidates. You can join Seekho Select Membership to learn HR Management or you can download the Seekho app!


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