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Designing PowerPoint Slides that Work: PowerPoint Design

It’s natural to worry that your PowerPoint slides might not capture the attention of your target audience. Fret not, for this article will cover everything you need to learn about creating attractive PowerPoint slides. You will learn how to develop a more powerful and impactful PowerPoint presentation and eventually become an expert in the field. Designing a PowerPoint might be challenging, but upscaling your basics and improvising your existing PowerPoint skills will work for you.

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A stunning presentation will always grab the audience’s attention, and they will be paying heed to your words in no time. Tools like Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint are great for creating amazing presentations easily. Here, we will address every essential step required for designing powerful PowerPoint presentations.

Your image alignment, word spacing, line spacing, templates, fonts, and layout should complement each other and reflect your content. The following points will certainly lend a helping hand to upskill your existing knowledge about designing PowerPoint slides:

1. Blueprint your own templates 

Sometimes the existing templates will not serve well to design your required PowerPoint presentation. Hence, stick to the following simple steps to create more meaningful and appropriate templates that are suitable for your presentation:

Step 1: Open a blank presentation.

Step 2: Click on the ‘design tab > Page setup’ option, and then pick out the page ratios and alignments you need. 

Step 3: To incorporate more style and elegance into your template, click on the ‘Themes on 

Slidemaster Tab’ and choose the theme or design you want from the gallery. 

Step 4: To change the background, go to the ‘background styles’ tab and choose a background. 

You can customize your fonts, colors, titles, text styles, and footers using different tools available in PowerPoint to obtain your desired template. Or, you can simply download slide templates for designing presentations from sites such as Slidescarnival and Slidesgo for free. 

2. Throw in some visual aids 

Learn to put in some visuals to make your presentation look even more approachable. Add statistical charts, graphs, and pie charts to upscale your presentation and reflect the raw data in a clean and clear format.

You can even upgrade these charts by adding some distinguished colors to the charts and graphs. Most importantly, explain these visual aids and your data in the slides. This is an excellent method to empower your presentation.

3. Add relevant images and videos

Utilize all the available resources to design an excellent presentation. Relevant images, videos, and audios are all fantastic additions to enhance the quality of the content in your PowerPoint presentation. 

Use the ‘Insert’ bar, click on the ‘images’ group, and select from the options displayed (“this 

device,” “stock images,” “online pictures”). Similarly, you can add videos to the slides. You 

can also browse through desirable images online and add them to your required slides. You can place multiple pictures and clips into your PowerPoint presentation in this manner. Don’t forget to add a caption below the image or video! Furthermore, you can also add a picture to appear in the background of your text by changing the slide’s background settings. 

4. Learn to customize the cover slide 

Like any other manually made project, a PowerPoint’s cover page (or home slide) plays a vital role; as they say – the first impressions last! So, it is necessary to grasp viewers’ attention from the very beginning of your presentation. 

Here are some essential tips that will make your cover slide more captivating: 

  • Use a background image relevant to your title.
  • Don’t place a lot of text on the first slide of your PowerPoint presentation. 
  • Use complementary color schemes in your fonts. 
  • Use visuals at the very beginning of your presentation. It will help you give your audience a bold and impactful message regarding your topic. 

5. Imply a single font and alignment throughout your presentation 

Use minimalistic font designs in designing your presentation. Take advantage of the font buffet in the PowerPoint presentation toolbar; however, do not put too much on your plate. Pay heed to the thickness and characters of the fonts selected by you and build a contrast between them. Fonts such as American Typewriter, Copperplate, Arial rounded MT Bold, Courier New, etc., will assist you in making your presentation look like this more stylish and unique.

Using left alignment for your content and center alignment for your headings will help you maintain consistency throughout your slides and generate a more clean impression on your viewers. 

6. Use more bullet points in your content 

Apply as many bullet points, numbers, and lists as you want; instead of writing long paragraphs and lengthy bullet points, keep your content short and crisp. Only mention the necessary details regarding the topic in one slide. Try to accommodate a maximum of 6 points per slide and about 6 words per bullet. It will help you generate a much cleaner presentation, as viewers do not want content that exaggerates a lot without emphasizing the main details of the topic.

7. The text should not be over the top

Try to keep your text as simple as possible; do not over stylize it. Over stylizing your text might look like trafficking and distract your audience from the content. Use the three basics to make your points more visible and outstanding – bold, italics, and underline. These three elementary tools will help you to generate more attention. 

8. Edit the images 

Using relevant images and videos is not enough. To make your PowerPoint more content-inclusive, you should edit and cut the pictures and videos you use. If the videos are too lengthy, just shorten them by editing and focusing on the clips related to your topic; in the case of images, crop them, and place them in the right spot as per your need. Also, adjust their brightness and contrast according to your requirement using the ‘Image format’ menu. 


It’s time to ditch the same-old, lame presentations and create something unique and exclusive for your audience! Create an impactful presentation on your own by applying the right amount of variations suggested above, and remember to keep it as simple and elegant as possible. You do not need to be a perfectionist and professional for creating a PowerPoint presentation. All you require is some basic knowledge of PowerPoint and its wide-ranging tools to generate the desired content.

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