In a competitive employment market, those who can distinguish themselves through certification stand out. Certifications can help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate mastery over specific skills and subjects. Many pursue certifications because the letters after their name communicate to potential clients or employers that they have the expertise they claim to have.

There are several certifications that may be obtained in conjunction with an MBA or while on the job. These qualifications add value to your CV and help you become a better professional, which may significantly advance your career.

The following is a list of certifications that may be pursued by MBA students to gain an edge over the competition.

1. Certification courses related to Finance

Chartered Financial Analyst 

The CFA Institute in the United States administers this certification course. The framework consists of three tiers. Students can take level 1 in their last year of graduation. Even after passing all levels, professionals must have four years of experience in a relevant job role before fixing the letters’ CFA’ after their name. Although it takes considerable time and effort, this certification is highly sought after because CFAs command a much higher pay grade than their non-certified peers.

This course is for you if you want to work in areas such as Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, Research Analysis, or any other financial-related services.

Certification in Risk Management Assurance 

This certification course is ideal if you wish to be an adviser on an auditing committee. Armed with CRMA certification, you gain the capability to offer assurance on essential business operations in financial risk management and governance and focus on strategic organisational risks. You can take a practice exam using the sample questions on the website to measure your skills before applying for the course.

2. Certification courses related to Marketing

Project Management Professional Certification

According to a poll performed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a non-profit organisation, professionals with PMP certification earn more than their non-certified counterparts. It might assist you in highlighting your abilities to handle tasks efficiently. PMI provides various programmes, including IAPM, MPM, PMI-ACP, CAPM, PMP, and CSM.

Digital Marketing Certifications 

In today’s highly competitive and digitised world, digital marketing commands the biggest chunk of marketing certifications. Polish your understanding of search engines, social media, emailing, and other platforms to engage successfully with existing and prospective clients by reviewing campaigns, content, and strategy to determine what is and isn’t working.

Digital marketing Nanodegree, Google Analytics Individual Qualification, Google AdWords, YouTube Certification, Machine Learning Certification, and some of the options.

3. Certification courses related to Operations

Certification in Six Sigma

If you want to land a job in Operations, Process Management or Quality Control, a six sigma certification helps supplement your present abilities. It will help improve production processes, identify risks or faults and enhance quality assurance in a business process. Many degrees of certification are available, such as a Black Belt if you’re a project manager or a Yellow Belt if you’re a support staff member.

SCPro Certification

This is a well-designed industry certification that includes the whole supply chain process. Based on the subject areas and the type of test, the certification is separated into three levels. Level I focuses on the fundamentals of supply chain management, Level II on the analysis and application of supply chain challenges, and Level III on the start of supply chain transformation. After passing this certification, you will have a significant competitive advantage over your peers.

4. Certification courses related to HR

Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM

It is a learning certification course for students who have graduated from the HR program. Based on the principles established by The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Assurance of Learning®, it globally validates fresh graduates of having gained some fundamental knowledge in this sector. 

Employers value students with this certification, which is complemented by the Certificate of Learning Achievement. The written test comprises 18 different HR topics. There are three 30-day periods available for taking the test throughout the world. Because of the extra mile, they have gone, employers favour individuals with SHRM qualifications on their CVs.


SAP is a well-known provider of business solutions and software. It provides a wide range of certificates that are internationally recognised. The most sought-after certifications are SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD), SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC), SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HR HCM), SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI), SAP Material Management (SAP MM) and SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI),

These certifications are tailored to their ERP systems. People with expertise in ERP system setup and implementation have a high potential for expanding into the international employment market. There are also opportunities for self-study via third-party training, SAP publications, and hands-on learning. However, only credentials obtained through SAP Education institutions are recognised.

Confluence Certified Recruiter (CCR)

CCR (Confluence Certified Recruiter) is intended for people who want to work in the recruiting industry. The course is designed to provide those looking to prepare for a career in recruiting with practical coaching. This course, however, is insufficient on its own and is only useful for individuals who are post graduates in the field of  Human Resources Management or have significant job experience in this area.

The credential gives the holder an edge over others in implementing robust recruitment strategies. The training is divided into two levels of recruitment – basic and advanced. The course duration is between 15 and 30 days, is fairly affordable, and globally recognised.

Final thoughts

Discover and utilise these courses to give your resume the extra edge to propel your interview process.  These certifications provide a chance for specialised learning, depending on your preferences. By increasing employability, these credentials can bridge the skill gap and empower you to be job-ready. Join Seekho Select Membership today and learn more about courses that can help you in your career path.

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