Apoorva Nanda


Big4 consistently looks for talents across several colleges through its on-campus recruitment programs. They are among the best avenues for freshers to learn and gather experience. The Big4 interview process is divided broadly into three components: Resume/CGPA ShortlistingAptitude TestInterview In this blog, we will dive deep into all of them. Resume/CGPA Shortlisting Often considered a non-eliminating round, resume shortlisting is perhaps the most important one as getting through this lets you put your practice to use. There are a lot of nuances that are put to the test while analyzing a resume which has been discussed in detail in another blog. However, to reiterate, these points should always be kept in mind: Your resume should contain your Educational Background, Internships/Training, Technical Proficiency, Academic/ Extracurricular achievements, and lastly, your Positions of Responsibility in school/college.Having a CGPA above 6.5/7 is mostly set as an initial cut-off criterion by the Big 4. Aptitude…