Aaradhya Daga


Finance is probably one of the most expansive fields to make a career in. It has more options and sub-options for careers than one can count, and it can be overwhelming. For purposes of breaking down financial courses & careers in the domain of the side of the transaction they’re on, there can be a buy-side, a sell-side, and an internal finance practice. The buy-side The buy-side is, as the name suggests, the collective of parties that buys stakes for future profits. Buy-side finance is one of the most lucrative and difficult to crack professions. It mostly consists of: Private Equity: Private Equity firms are those which invest a substantial amount of time and money in companies that are not public to improve them and then make them public, netting a handsome profit in the process. The process is very long-term oriented and involves extensive business and modeling knowledge. Some…