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For those of you who don’t know the story of Indian Paints, let us give you some background on the long and rich history of Indian Paints.

Previously, consumers in India had no confidence in their ability to apply paint on their walls; they felt DIY was a low-status activity. Contractors made the purchases instead of homeowners. The shops were dark and congested, with countless jars of paint and a miserable shopping experience. Asian Paints, as the category leader, changed that. It recognized that growth required adaptation; they saw an opportunity to change how people viewed paint shopping.

So, having said that, we can say that gone are the days of the dark, cramped, and dingy Indian paints store. Asian paints experience center has pioneered an entirely new category of color and home décor stores for expressing color with the Asian paints building color images. Easy-to-use tools and a simple layout that allows you to instantly locate a color on the wall have made expressing color an innovative experience. The brand’s vision is to generate a richer and more rewarding experience for its customers; to bring celebrated international styles and trends closer to customers, and make it easy for customers to decorate their homes while they’re on the move.

So, what sparked the transformation?

What caused Asian Paints to create this beautiful experience?

Our team discovered that the store doesn’t even sell paint instead, it offers a color-decorating experience that is both inspirational and instructional. It places things in contexts that are easy to understand and explore. To begin, the complete retail experience begins with what Asian Paints stands for: colors in their customers’ lives and experiences.

Asian Paints building colours has been at the forefront of the Indian paint industry for over one hundred years. A legacy of quality, consistency, and enduring creativity is what defines Asian Paints today. An ongoing commitment to research and regular innovations in technology have enabled Asian Paints to enter a new phase of growth. Consistency and a strong focus on raw materials and superior product range have catapulted Asian Paints as the trusted and preferred brand among more than 40 million customers in India as well as abroad. More than 200 colors take you to exciting new places, express yourself with variety, build your personality, create your character, & make your style statement depending on where you live, the climate you live in, & the people around you!

Asian Paints services blends the expertise of experienced professional painters with technology to help you create a color scheme that perfectly accents your home. People simply need to answer a few questions and they’ll do the rest. Their suggestions are not only perfect matches, they’re a perfect match for your personality – like colors that show off your hobbies and interests or colors that reveal your aesthetics.

Lets talk about Asian Paints and how it became an expert in Home Décor?

Asian Paints’ DIY is all about enkindling the homemakers’ spirit and thereby making their homes the best space to live in. As brand custodians, Asian Paints recognizes that customers today are always searching for a guide and a companion on their journey to make their home or office, their own “heaven”. Undoubtedly it’s a tough task. But Asian Paints know that with determination, foresight, and clarity of vision, anything can be achieved. Asian Paints understood that the path to success required evolution as a category leader. So they created the most inspiring client experience possible, including free design consultations and even using 3D modeling on actual home photographs to assist customers to visualize how their home will appear before they started construction. In other words, they gave customers the courage to express themselves fully through their homes with the Asian paints colour idea store.

Let’s discuss the marketing mix of Asian Paint Com

The marketing mix is a collection of strategies that a company can use to help sell its products. A standard marketing mix of Asian paints business model includes four components-product, price, promotion, and place. Let’s have a look at Asian Paints’ sales and distribution marketing mix:

Product Strategy

Asian Paints, a leader in its market, has developed a differentiated targeting strategy to capitalize on the different segments of its customers with different tastes and preferences. Asian Paints’ core product focuses on the decorative and industrial side. Besides this, the Asian paints marketing strategy also offers solutions and services for home paintings. The company offers various product lines, including Asian Paints Royale, Apcolite, and tractor emulsion and distemper for the different economical sectors. Asian Paints also makes a variety of coatings, including protective coatings, putties, undercoats, and others.

Cost Strategy

Asian Paints services offer different pricing strategies to target various consumers. For Royale, the product range is aimed at the high profile group, so it is more expensive than other lines while it takes a cost-value approach with lower-income groups. In exclusive features, the price varies due to materials used in manufacture and competitors’ prices. The Asian Paints firm has also been successful because it offers its distributors high rewards. 

Promotional Activity

As part of its marketing strategy, the Asian Paints’ business model has been running several promotions that have proved to be very successful in connecting with customers. One of the notable efforts was the creation of the cartoon character Gattu, who never failed to win over audiences for more than four decades. The company’s primary focus is on families, and it uses attractive incentives and emotional campaigns to both reach out to new customers and strengthen its relationship with existing customers. It has also used many Bollywood stars and various social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, to become an increasingly popular household name.

Place Strategy

Asian Paints marketing strategy has operations around the world, carried out through a network of five regions: the Caribbean region, the Middle East region, the South Pacific region, South-East Asia and South Asia. The different manufacturing locations and sales managers, executives, and the sales team manage all development and delivery phases. One of its strengths is the size and reach of its distribution network. The open-door policy launched by Asian Paints after entering the retail market targets all—developed and rural areas. Its different manufacturing locations and large resources spent on R&D centers give it an edge over its competitors in India.


Asian Paint has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market because of their well-planned strategy. People come to the Asian paint brands because they know that the products and services that the brand provides will be appropriate. The consumer value chain ensures that at the end consumer will get high-quality products and the right range of colors such as  Asian paints colour for study room, Asian paints for home, Asian paints for kitchen, Asian paints for living room and many such other categories which are used for painting and decorating a house or a shop or for any other purpose.

So, we hope that this blog post might have given you quite deep insights of the Asian paints case study, and left you with a deep understanding of the Asian Paints express painting and the marketing strategies as well.

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